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Need help identifying your high-priority risk areas across your IT environment?
Is your patching cadence keeping up with software upgrade requirements?
Are your remediation efforts plagued by chaos and miscommunication?
Do your vulnerability reports provide meaningful metrics and actionable remediation?

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is the continuous assessment and monitoring of IT assets, and the mitigation of incidents, to protect your IT environment. 

Hackers don't sleep. So you need to be hypervigilant about ensuring the safety of your organization from the constant barrage of security threats. In fact, you need to take a proactive approach to asset discovery and data protection.

Is your company is regulated by compliance mandates like HIPAA or FFIEC? Then vulnerability management should be implemented as an essential component of your overall security strategy.

At TBC, Vulnerability Management is conducted by our certified security experts. We treat your environment with the same precision and care with which we maintain our own IT environments. 

The IT Risk Landscape is Expanding

Organizational growth is something to celebrate! But don't forget that the expansion of your operations also increases your risk landscape.

Without a team dedicated to identifying, assessing, and mitigating vulnerabilities, your security posture is in danger. Organizational growth needs the support of a team that can analyze and remediate vulnerabilities to ensure performance and high accessibility.

TBC's security engineers regularly assess your network, analyzing logs and events to report on and prioritize threats to your business. You will receive monthly reports that detail all vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations prioritized to your unique environment. Quarterly reports provide trending data to measure the success of the security program over time.

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How to Expand your Sphere of Protection

How to Expand Your Sphere of Protection Using Vulnerability Management

Given the sharp increase in ransomware attacks, it’s more critical than ever to reduce your cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Fortify Your Defenses

Release your IT team from log analysis and generating reports, so they can work on strategic initiatives that help grow your business.

TBC can manage the entire vulnerability management lifecycle for your IT environment, so you can enjoy the protection and peace of mind knowing that certified experts are watching your systems, all day and all night.

Let TBC take over the critical, but mundane housekeeping and analysis tasks around vulnerability management. 

Proactive Accountability

Proactively blocking hackers is just one critical part of your overall cybersecurity strategy. In order to dig deeper into your protection capabilities, you need clear communication and accountability between teams. TBC security teams will work within your IT structure to ensure that best practices are followed to ensure comprehensive security coverage.  TBC will communicate and be accountable for your vulnerability management lifecycle.

By ensuring network safety, you can remain focused on building and growing your business without distractions.

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