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Interested in finding the exploitable gaps in your networks, systems, and applications?
Need to meet HIPPA or FFIEC regulatory compliance requirements?
Need to get a clearer picture of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities?
Want to better understand the current state of your IT environment?

Penetration Test Overview

Poorly implemented Digital Transformation (DX) efforts are a cyber criminal's dream. While speed of deployment seem to increase the benefits of DX, the integration of patchwork solutions have unintended security consequences and often leave networks vulnerable.

Whether or not your company is regulated, you need to know how an criminal could access your infrastructure. Cyberattacks against SMBs have increased in 2021 because remote work has expanded threat surfaces.

A professionally executed penetration test can be the difference between a year in the black and a year in the red for your company. The cost of a single breach for small and midsize businesses averages $2.98M, which can severely impact your company's survival. (IBM 2021)

What to Expect

An extensive penetration test by the security engineers at TBC pinpoints vulnerabilities in your IT environment. A pen test will exploit those vulnerabilities, or holes, with the intent of identifying addressable weaknesses.

During a pen test, a TBC security engineer attacks your environment just like a malicious attacker would, leveraging all access points to determine how far a hacker might penetrate your network. However, unlike a real attack, your business will not be interrupted during penetration testing.

After the test is complete, TBC's security engineer generates an in-depth report detailing weak points and opportunities for improvement in your security approach, along with recommendations for remediation and mitigation.

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Pen Testing

Penetration Testing

In this brief video, TBC Security Analyst, Dakota Shear, explains the myriad benefits to your organization of performing annual penetration testing.

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No Hackers on the Team? No Problem.

It’s unlikely your IT team are expert hackers. And they don’t need to be. The security engineers at TBC regularly conduct penetration tests and know what to expect to ensure the security of your company. Allay your concerns while staying focused on your most important initiative: DX.

Keep Hacker Hands off Your Data

Hackers are smart and agile. They can quickly exploit a single hole in your security defenses at great detriment to your business. By knowing your vulnerabilities, you can cut hackers out of your business equation and keep moving forward with your DX strategy.

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