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Worried you have too many tools and lack meaningful metrics and integration?
Concerned that your data volumes are increasing your attack surface?
Have you implemented a 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring solution?
Is your cybersecurity program structured around the NIST framework?

Protect Your Hybrid Workforce

The sudden onset of hybrid work, and now the permanent expansion of remote work, has accelerated the pace of digital transformation (DX). Hurried efforts to meet productivity expectations led to the rapid deployment of new tools, software, and hardware. And in the rush, endpoints and data vulnerabilities have been exposed. Technical debt is at an all time high. 

Adoption without security integration can trigger costly security breaches, pricey compliance fines, customer distrust, and crippling downtime. Let TBC's Security Monitoring team work to secure your perimeter and protect your hybrid workforce.



How Security Monitoring Works

TBC's Security Monitoring solutions uses our proprietary automation framework, to actively monitor your IT environment for security anomalies. Our dedicated Security Monitoring team triages threat alerts and communicates actionable directions to your IT team.

TBC offers a fully automated Security Monitoring service, complete with a staffed 24/7/365 IT Operations Center. TBC's security experts are vigilant, and prepared to respond to threats, reducing the risk of successful attacks or intrusions, and improving reaction time when attacks occur.

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3 Indications Cyber Risk

3 Indications Your Company Has Cyber Risk

Discover three tell-tale signs your organization is at risk of a cybersecurity attack. Learn what you can do to mitigate your exposure.

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Same IT Team, Better Security

The IT talent deficit is at an all-time high. By removing the daily overhead associated with detecting and remediating exploits, your team can focus on its IT modernization projects. TBC provides the experienced and hard-to-find cybersecurity experts, so your team can enjoy increased productivity and reduced turnover.

A Stronger Security Posture

Keep the high pace of your DX strategy when you have active Security Monitoring from TBC. Proactive monitoring reduces the size of the threat surface generated by DX, resulting in a reduced risk of attack. You can continue your growth strategy uninhibited by the hidden threats posed by network and data expansion.

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