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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery is an integral part of crisis management and business continuity planning
Human error is still the leading cause of data loss or accidental exposure
There are only two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who will be
Disaster Recovery solutions can minimize downtime and restore business operations quickly

Fight Business Disruptions with DRaaS

A business continuity strategy isn’t complete without a disaster recovery plan. The ability to quickly recover data after an event, shielding your customers from impact, will ensure that your company remains competitive and productive, even in the face of disaster.

Protect your data with Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), TBC's service offering in partnership with data backup industry leaders, Veeam and Nutanix. TBC is certified to  support both Veeam and Nutanix data backup and DR technologies.

TBC has designed a robust and customizable DRaaS solution that will recover valuable data in the event of a disaster or cyberattack. TBS's fully managed and automated DRaaS solution includes all backup, replication, hardware, software, and licenses.

Outsource DR to Improve Outcomes

DRaaS is intended for companies that do not want to own or expand their DR site, purchase and maintain equipment, or hire in-house DR experts. Many businesses outsource disaster recovery to an experienced MSP that will implement a comprehensive DR strategy and help meet DR compliance requirements.

TBC’s very own certified Veeam and Nutanix experts with work with your business and IT leadership to evaluate your network and create a customized plan to address your unique data backup and recovery needs. Once in place, you will enjoy 24/7 operational support for data recovery, monthly reports, and frequent testing to ensure the backup service is functioning as it should. TBC encourages regular meetings with stakeholders to identify weaknesses and recommend modifications to further protect your company's digital assets. 

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5 Considerations - Disaster & Backup Plan

5 Key Considerations When Developing Your Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Read our article to better understand how to create a more strategic and robust plan for backing up and recovering your data.


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Return to Functionality 

If your network goes down at one location, a failover at a secondary site can immediately take over, seamlessly delivering mission critical workloads with little to no impact on end users.

TBC's DRaaS experts are well aware that disasters are always lurking around the next corner, and disaster plans must be prepared, tested, and processes documented. As an essential component of keeping the business operational during a disaster, DR solutions are responsible for data and IT infrastructure restoration.

Restore Data Confidently

With our Veeam and Nutanix partnerships, TBC can free your IT team from the responsibility of managing your own DR site. TBC can take over alert management, licensing oversight, server and software upgrades, and disaster recovery processes.

And by transferring ownership of these mundane tasks to TBC, your budget will shift to an OpEx cost structure.

With DR related tasks covered after a disaster, you can focus on restoring business operations.


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