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Can you afford to keep ignoring your cybersecurity blindspots?
How is your business predicting, preventing, and responding to threats?
Worried your team puts too much reliance on firewalls and antivirus software?
How is your team addressing tangible business risks?


When it comes to Digital Transformation (DX), innovation and speed are crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. But so is maintaining the security of your network and valuable data.

As your company begins its DX journey, a Security Posture Assessment is an essential first step toward ensuring that the attack surface created by DX efforts is safe from exploitation. The last thing you want is a security breach getting in the way of project deadlines or business objectives.

A Security Posture Assessment is a point-in-time view, conducted by our security experts, of how secure your network is against attack and includes essential remediation guidelines and road-mapping.

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What to Expect

TBC’s security experts conduct an in-depth interview with your IT team to discuss patch and backup plans, network configuration, applications, and users. Using what you provide in the interview, TBC’s engineers use proven tools to work on the Security Posture Assessment.

You can expect a post-assessment meeting to review your customized findings report, with a 30/60/365-day strategic and tactical roadmap for implementation. These recommendations are made with your specific business goals in mind, complementing your road to success, instead of hampering it.

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Is your biz prepared for a cyber attack_

Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Learn more about how TBC's proprietary security posture assessment can bring deep visibility to your operational and technical IT environment.

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Streamline Your Security Efforts

Your IT team is already busy with DX transformation efforts. Poking around your network for security issues is not your team's area of focus or expertise. Plus, hiring someone who is security savvy can be an expensive and drawn-out process given the tight IT labor market. Maintain your IT team's focus on business goals, and let our experts focus on the mundane aspects of assessing your security.

Expert Review of Your Network's Security

With the comprehensive report generated by TBC, you gain visibility into what could eventually hamper your DX efforts. Your IT team can immediately implement the recommendations then get back to supporting your business goals. And you have peace of mind knowing your network is now more secure.

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