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The pursuit of digital transformation (DX) is both a competitive necessity and an imperative for revenue growth for companies to survive in today’s economy. However, DX adoption dramatically increases the attack surface and number of entryways into a network, intensifying cybersecurity risk*.

Most businesses struggle to effectively manage the cybersecurity risk due to two main challenges – a growing talent shortage and the explosion of big data.

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of companies are not prepared for a cyberattack (*Wilcox-Hiscox 2019).

Cybersecurity Talent is Elusive

Effective cybersecurity management is tedious. It can lead to burnout and turnover of valuable talent. Finding an experienced cybersecurity professional to hire or replace an open position can prove challenging. Unfortunately, your company is not alone. Employers are struggling to fill cybersecurity-related roles (CNBC 2019). And that trend won’t improve, as increasing adoption of new digital technology is making it even harder for organizations to keep up with the latest technology skills needed to drive digital innovation initiatives (Gartner 2019).

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Big Data Equals a Bigger Attack Surface

A successful DX strategy that favors innovation and speed for a top customer experience is in direct conflict with keeping your data safe. Put another way, as your data grows, so does your cybersecurity risk, since more data means a larger attack surface.

The numbers are bleak for businesses. Network disruptions and data theft are more debilitating to small and mid-sized businesses than to large enterprises. Yet, so many attacks go unchecked.

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Embracing DX and Cybersecurity

TBC guards the business' crown jewels, freeing up your IT team to focus on keeping up with the pace of innovation and competition in the digital economy.

We designed our cybersecurity approach to align with your business goals, not hinder them. TBC proactively and comprehensively monitors and actively manages your security environment to reduce your cybersecurity risk.

Take Cybersecurity Risk Diagnostic

Security Risk Assessment

Challenges abound in these unprecedented times but the most critical needs of organizations today center on communicating effectively with employees, maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring security across your environment. In a time where resources, for most organizations, are facing significant physical and financial constraints, we want to share some free and reduced cost resources available to our business community.

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Three Indications You're at Risk for a Cyber Attack

In this quick video we talk about three ways to determine if your company is at risk for a cyber attack. Our own Cyber Security expert walks through a few ways to identify the risks and potential ways to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

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Learn more about our full suite of cybersecurity solutions:

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