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Community involvement has been essential to TBC since its founding, 25 years ago. That involvement takes many forms. Some company leaders share their time, resources, and talent by serving on the boards of various philanthropic organizations. And sometimes, it means all pitching in together, because teamwork makes the dream work! We are so looking forward to the time when it’s safe to gather the team, roll up our sleeves and make a difference together, here in Arizona.

TBC cares about the community inside the company, too. Passion is one of TBC's core values, so if an employee is passionate about a cause, the company is too. We encourage our employees to volunteer their time with organizations that speak to them, and offer paid time to support their efforts. TBC is honored to match our employees’ donations to those philanthropic endeavors that are closest to their hearts.

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During the COVID lockdown in 2020, TBC hosted a month-long contact-free food drive benefiting Mom's Pantry. We partnered with students from Chaparral High School who picked up food and toiletry donations from employees - living across the valley.




Prior to the pandemic, TBC employees and their families spent an evening packing meals at Feed My Starving Children. Everyone had a great time and then enjoyed burgers and shakes together at In-n-Out. We look forward to getting together again for another packing and team-building session. 

Feed my starving children




Doing good is an ongoing practice, both in our community and for our planet. TBC is committed to corporate sustainability practices, which means changes big and small. We have partnered with green data centers such as Switch, where we now operate with 100% renewable energy. TBC will reduce our remaining data center impact to zero by migrating all our equipment and relationships to data centers that align with our ecological objectives. We use an electronics recycler as the first step in diverting outdated computer equipment from landfills. TBC reduced the use of paper products by 50% in the office and expects continued reduction through an active focus on digital documents. TBC has eliminated single-use disposable cups and added filtered water dispensers to encourage refillable bottles. Additionally, we installed LED lightbulbs, programmable thermostats, and high-energy HVAC units. TBC believes that a sustainable environmental future, benefits us all. Change, while incremental, is necessary and possible.

TBC green america

In 2021, TBC earned Green America's Green Business Certification and is now part of the Green Business Network, the oldest network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country. This certification is a recognition of TBC’s commitment to using our platform in the technology sector for positive social and environmental change and our desire to grow the new green economy from the ground up.

TBC is very proud of this Green Business Certification as it is only awarded to organizations that are:

• Environmentally responsible in the way they source and manufacture products, and run their operations      and facilities
• Socially equitable and committed to strong practices that benefit the well-being of workers, customers,        suppliers, and the greater community
• Accountable for their work by continually improving and and operating with radical transparency in every    facet of their business.