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Clear, reliable communication is an essential, but often overlooked, element of a successful Digital Transformation (DX) strategy. The quality of business communication affects the satisfaction and retention of two critical audiences: customers and employees.

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Internally, outdated phone systems are not scalable, nor can they support non-traditional work environments. The problem grows with external sales teams. If a seller uses a personal mobile phone to take customer calls on the road, all that data lies in their phone, not the company’s CRM database. In the office, call functionality is often limited, so transferring a caller to another department can be a nail-biting experience. Modern conferencing with screen sharing is non-existent.

From the IT perspective, it is more expensive to maintain an older system as parts become obsolete. Phone systems that do not report results clouds the ability to understand the extent of call issues and system usage, and takes valuable time away from more strategic initiatives.

Dropped calls, frequent static, voice delays, and the lack of call clarity, plague out-of-date phone systems and leads to customer frustrations and brand damage. If the phone system goes out completely, there is no way to track missed calls. And studies indicate that 85% of customers who can't reach a company on the first try will not try calling back. 

From SIP to Hybrid to Hosted Solutions

Upgrading to a UC solution with TBConsulting (TBC) provides crystal-clear call clarity as TBC's experts architect a flexible solution designed to grow with your business. TBC's UC solution supports a remote workforce and the increasing reliance on mobile communications. Backed by a cloud infrastructure, your communications are accessible to your entire workforce anywhere and on various devices. Built-in business continuity provides fail-over functionality if a location encounters an interruption.

Migrating to a UC solution can save up to 30% against legacy telecom costs. This extensive and customizable solution provides increased visibility and control over your communications environment. Options include:

  • Voice
  • ConferencingMobility
  • Conference Center
  • SIP Monitoring
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)
  • Fully Managed Solution 

TBC's UC solution streamlines and tracks communication across channels between employees and customers. 


of Americans have used a landline to contact customer service. (Microsoft 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report)

Stop Throwing Money at Your Phone System

The cost of a phone outage is not something that you want to calculate. Nor is the amount of time your already-strapped IT team is spending on your outdated voice technology. Turn to TBC to roll out a Unified Communications solution tailored to your business operations. Once rolled out, your IT team can take the reins, or TBC can. It’s your choice. Either way, your IT team can stay focused on the critical aspects of DX.

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Flexible and Cost-Effective UC Solutions

Whether your staff works in one office, works remotely, or is a combination of both, teams need to interact with one another. The best way to effectively manage modern communication is through a customized UC solution, allowing allocation of resources toward more important DX projects, so your IT team doesn’t waste time fiddling with outdated equipment.

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TBC Brings Clarity to your Communications 

What to Expect
TBC provides white-glove service to all of our customers, and this solution is no exception. From the initial meeting through service turn-up and training, you will work closely with our team to ensure everything is set up and configured to your unique business needs, all with minimal disruptions to your daily operations. Once up and running, TBC’s 24/7/365 monitoring and IT Operations Center keep a vigilant eye on your system to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Clients enjoy strict adherence to SLAs and a single US-based point of contact if any issues or questions arise.

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Remote Contact Center

The most critical needs of organizations today center on communicating effectively with employees, maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring security across your environment. In a time where resources, for most organizations, are facing significant physical and financial constraints, we want to share some free and reduced cost resources available to our business community.

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Successful transformation projects have the potential to increase revenue growth by as much as 23% if implemented properly (IDG 2018). The difficulty lies in creating a strategy to modernize efficiently.

If you would like more information on how TBC can help guide your business through a successful IT modernization, be sure to request a 30-minute consult. One of our knowledgeable solutions experts will provide you with insights to help you work through your dilemma or challenge.

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