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Growing faster than your IT infrastructure can
securely support?

TBC's business and technical experts will help you build a resilient, secure, and scalable infrastructure to meet your most critical business challenges.
Is your critical business data protected, available, and recoverable?
Delays in service or product distribution frustrating your customers?
Worried about cyberattacks on your manufacturing facilities?
Need comprehensive security management across your enterprise?

What can TBC do for YOU?

  • Close your security gaps originating from redundant systems, unpatched software, and forgotten assets.

  • Secure your IT environments with integrated Security Monitoring. 

  • Distribute corporate policy and governance controls with Unified Endpoint Management services.
  • Build resiliency with foundational cloud architecture and minimize enterprise-wide disruptions from cyberattacks that can impact systems, networks, production, and distribution.

  • Create actionable reporting so manufacturers can utilize data and analytics to more effectively manage production.
  • Optimize your tech tools with the people and processes needed to maintain your competitive edge in the market. 

  • Protect intellectual property, production schematics, and operations with Backup as a Service to ensure data is available to work for you.

  • Deploy resilient backup technologies to deliver data despite interruptions.





Solution Brief

Manufacturing and Secure Hybrid Cloud 

Learn more about how Hybrid Cloud solutions can help you innovate faster and more securely to remain competitive in the market. We can help you build a comprehensive, cloud-based strategy to manage your technology and protect your business.


TBC Solutions for the
Manufacturing Industry


Network Total Care

Secure management and continuous monitoring of your communications, data, and transactional business. With cloud-based, enterprise-grade solutions, TBC delivers full network visibility. Maintain performance and meet SLAs with expert care and client-focused teams.

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Security Monitoring

24/7/365 security coverage for IT assets; monitoring for anomalies, alert investigation, clear reporting, and improved response time. We use the best people, processes, and technology available.

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Integrated Asset Management

Asset Management tracks and governs systems, software, hardware, licenses and support contracts across enterprise environments. Streamline your procurement and contract processes. Protect functionality and manage the entire asset lifecycle.

Learn More


BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service)

Protect intellectual property, product schematics, and production data with a robust 3-2-1 data backup strategy. With BaaS, organizations can focus on service, while TBC supports backend data storage and recoverability.

Learn more


Unified Endpoint Management

Securely manage various endpoint devices with centralized distribution of patches, policies, applications, and configurations. UEM can manage end-user accessibility to ensure that workers remain productive despite distributed locations. 

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Server Total Care

Server Total Care is TBC’s solution for monitoring, managing, and maintaining infrastructure and server endpoint systems within a client-owned environment. Coverage includes servers located in data centers as well as in cloud-based environments. 

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Drive Profitability and Accelerate M&A

Most mergers and acquisitions fail to meet business objectives because core enterprise processes are not implemented and integrated across disparate technologies, operations, systems, production, and security. Using an MSP can help bridge the implementation and management gap between legacy infrastructure and cloud solutions to increase the success of an organization's M&A strategy.

Hybrid cloud solutions can deliver a centrally managed, enterprise-level infrastructure to promote interoperability across subsidiaries, with corporate policy dictating controls across the enterprise. Using integrated asset management and unified endpoint management solutions, manufacturers are better positioned for M&A and to pivot operations in response to changing business environments and shifts in consumer demands.

As a trusted MSP, TBC has the cloud expertise to help you streamline communication, implement remote oversight, minimize latency, increase efficiency, and provide an overarching umbrella of security across your digital landscape. Intellectual property and operational workflows are safeguarded with comprehensive security monitoring and data backups.

The benefits of using a cloud platform to streamline cybersecurity, operations, and management will improve efficiency and drive profitability. Responsive cloud technologies can help inform decision-making with data analytics. TBC's security and business experts understand the complexities of cloud deployment and can help build your strategic roadmap.


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