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Data Backup for Microsoft 365

Immutable backups for your business data

Are you at the mercy of Microsoft's limited license-based data retention policies?
Resource constraints have you looking for backups for your backups?
Need stronger data storage capacity to meet restrictive compliance standards?
Maintain control over data residing in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Exchange Online & Teams.

Ready? Set? Veeam!  

Ready to jumpstart your race to data maturity?

Are you able to flex and say that you are protected?

Partner with TBC to receive Veeam's best in class data backup and recovery for Microsoft 365 business applications. With tested backups and immutable copies of your data, you can remain confident in your ability to keep your business operational despite rising digital threats.

With TBC's Backup as a Service for Microsoft 365, you no longer need to fear the drain of your limited resources on audits and data verification.

Your data will remain secure, compliant, available, and backed by contracted SLAs that deliver your data. On time. Every time.

Release your IT teams from the tedium of data backups and lift their sights to projects that drive revenue.


Prioritize with 3-2-1-1-0 Backups 

Need help creating, redesigning, or implementing your Microsoft 365 backup program?

When you partner with TBC, we work to prioritize your data to meet your organization's objectives. TBC's certified Veeam engineers and architects who love what they do and understand just how critical consistently correct, clean backups are to organizations. 

Even if you are satisfied with your 3-2-1 backup strategy, just think of how the new, comprehensive, 3-2-1-1-0 solution can energize your conventional application and data backups.

  • 3 different copies of your data
  • 2 different media types
  • 1 copy located offsite
  • 1 offline, air-gapped, and/or immutable copy
  • 0 errors after recoverability verification


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Data Backup for Microsoft 365

Take control of your business data with TBC's Backup as a Service for Microsoft 365. Discover how to free yourself from the monotony of backups, compliance regulations, and the fear of audits with our Good/Better/Best backup offerings.


Data. Is. Business.

It is no secret that your business could sustain serious, and sometimes irreversible, damage if your data is lost or stolen.

If you can't restore your data, you may suffer irreversible financial and reputational damage. The shock of a data breach will reverberate throughout your organization and the blame game can get ugly - very quickly.

Avoid the data loss backlash with preparation and prevention strategies. TBC can help secure and protect your critical Microsoft 365 applications and data, far beyond the limitations of Microsoft's restrictive retention policies.

Save time, money, and heartache by partnering with TBC's data backup experts and enterprise grade technologies.


Invest in Recovery Confidence

Imagine your delight when RPO, RTO, and SLAs are meaningful metrics for your data backups. TBC can deliver on data backup and restoration contracts because we have the people, processes, and technologies in place to make your data available when you need it.

If Microsoft's 365 paltry data retention polices are not enough, then partner with TBC to build a comprehensive data protection strategy that includes data prioritization, encryption, redundancy, and meets compliance standards.

Clean and restorable data backups are key deliverables for your business continuity plan. 

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