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IT Lifecycle Governance

Driving operations efficiency through governance and workflow automation


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Align your Business Objectives with Meaningful ITIL Controls

Without the benefit of metrics-based ITIL, IT staff can be bogged down by routine ticket volume and repetitive processes that distract from modernization efforts. By gathering and analyzing performance and incident data, organizations can better understand how to improve services and strategically plan for improvement.  

Without the discipline of ITIL standards, projects tend to run over budget and over time, eventually diminishing the team's performance and internal reputation.

Without the right platform to integrate disparate technologies, processes, and data from multiple inputs, your end-users will experience inconsistent service. 

ITIL Service Designed for Your Business

Fortunately, you can successfully drive modernization efforts by capitalizing on our partnership with ServiceNow (SN), a six-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for ITIL tools. Our SN developers will help you scale your IT services to improve productivity and collaboration, allowing you to shift your budget from upkeep to innovation with 25% fewer significant outages.

ServiceNow provides streamlined and secure cloud-based automation of business functions - a single platform for request management, real-time analytics, collaboration across business functions, and automated best practices for simplified audits. With over 300 customizations built into our ITIL platform, TBC custom-fits the platform to address your specific business needs. 

Asset Management (2)

IT Asset Management Case Study

Download our IT Asset Management Solution case study to get a first-hand glimpse at how our MSP developed a unique solution for our client.


What Your IT Teams Can Expect

  • Freedom from ongoing maintenance
  • Optimized performance with ServiceNow release compatibility
  • Improved ITIL performance with ServiceNow platform
  • US-based IT Operations Center (ITOC)
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Incident alert, intercept, triage & troubleshooting

What Your Executives Can Expect

  • Structure & stability embedded into your processes
  • Governance around change
  • Disciplined management of patches and upgrades
  • Streamlined ServiceNow platform care and service
  • Best practice framework for incident integration
  • Alignment between operations and services
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Asset Management & Governance

IT Asset Management and Governance

Watch our own President, Dieter Gable, explain the challenges many organizations have faced while trying to manage their assets alone.

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Maximize ITIL Configuration and Service Management with TBC

Just having ITIL isn’t the answer. Without the proper setup and maintenance, ServiceNow's powerful platform can become costly and complex. Busy IT teams often struggle to keep up with upgrades, implementation of new modules, testing, and training on new versions.

Hiring ITIL experts can be expensive for small and mid-sized businesses. We have certified ServiceNow engineers who deploy, monitor, and maintain your ServiceNow platform for peak performance.

Contact TBC today to learn more about how we can assist with your ITIL needs.

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