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Managed Server Services


Frustrated with repeated outages and limited storage capacity?
Having trouble hiring, training, and retaining qualified engineers?
Not sure how to migrate from your old OS to a new operating system?
Tired of endless monitoring, maintenance, and patching tasks?

Achieve Operational Excellence for Your Hybrid Workforce 

Server Total Care is the proactive monitoring and maintenance of your servers, supported by TBC's technical expertise and industry-leading IT management tools.

TBC will build a customized framework and alerting methodology to plan, track, report on capacity, availability, and patch posture. Our Server Experts maintain a patch cadence to ensure stability for critical IT infrastructure that encourages consistent productivity. 

Repeated outages will frustrate employees and customers alike, and have a negative impact on your brand. You need the predictability of server availability, controlled access to applications, and the ability to scale.

Our experienced and certified Systems Engineers will identify vulnerabilities and manage your servers to reduce risk and to keep your business running securely. Upgrades are deployed to reduce the likelihood of unplanned outages and improve operational efficiency.

Secure Data Transfers and Enhanced Reliability

With TBC's Server Total Care solution, you can enjoy the benefits of best practice change management, consistent server availability, and protection from the vulnerabilities exposed by your sprawling infrastructure.

We work to reduce the attack surface through patch management and vulnerability remediation using adaptive architecture, based on tried and true methodologies. When patch management is deployed on a regular, monthly cadence, and each patch is tested before deployment, your business-critical applications are free from misconfiguration and other avoidable glitches that plague inexperienced implementations.

Our IT teams actually love the daily challenges of server management and are constantly "upskilling" to stay ahead of the latest tech trends. We maintain certifications in Nutanix, Microsoft, and VMware.

We get IT. And we can help.

Let TBC manage your mundane.

Server total care

Server Total Care

Free yourself from the challenges of daily server management with 24/7/365 support from technology experts who care about your business outcomes.


Outsource server care for greater resiliency, functionality & security 

Imagine the benefits your business could enjoy by outsourcing server monitoring, maintenance, updating. With TBC managing your server care and the patching of your virtual and physical servers, HCI nodes, and endpoint systems, you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Your IT teams would rather work on high-value development projects - but are often bogged down by the monotony of technical tasks and configuration woes. If a single patch is deployed incorrectly, it can corrupt your applications and impact the availability of your server.

And if your server goes down, so does access to your critical business applications. As does your website and your ability to communicate with customers. An outage will cut into staff productivity and render your web-based ordering and payment systems useless. 



Stay busy with 24/7/365 server monitoring and support

If you are concerned about the health of your servers, leverage TBC to mitigate the risk of not knowing where you are and assess your environment. TBC's discovery will :can also include OS migration, validate high availability, performance, and do capacity management,  we can help scale your servers for growth. 

Our US-based tech monitoring and support services operate 24/7/365 to ensure you receive the best preventative care and outage remediation. We utilize a hybrid cloud infrastructure model for hosted workloads to ensure consistent productivity, and for secure remote system administration. 

With a fixed monthly cost model, Server Total Care not only gives you the flexibility of OPEX, but it frees up your engineers to focus on revenue-driven initiatives.

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