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Managed IT Services to Accelerate Digital Maturity

Digital disruptions impact performance and revenue,  which can lead to consumer distrust and dire financial ramifications. TBC's business and technical experts will guide your IT strategy to ensure that you have digital maturity to keep the edge you need to drive critical business outcomes.


25 years of IT Experience
Delivering the Business Outcomes you Deserve

Enhanced network and server capacity to run your systems and store your data which:

  • Protects sensitive research & proprietary development data

  • Manages data volume for accessibility, storage capacity, and deliverability

  • Uses cloud-based infrastructure for better data analytics, resiliency, and flexibility

Deployment of your back-end IT infrastructure to manage governance and controls that:

  • Meet and exceed compliance requirements

  • Impart a strategy of security & resiliency across all business operations

  • Manage endpoints for secure access to applications and data used by a hybrid workforce

Continuous monitoring and support from TBC's 24/7/365 IT Operations Center:

  • Ongoing security monitoring and risk mitigation 

  • Data backup and recovery services to restore data after an interruption

  • Tech tools that are integrated with the people and processes to maximize your competitive edge 



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Case Study


Learn more about how TBC implemented secure IT solutions for TriWest Healthcare Alliance. We can also help you build a comprehensive cloud-based IT infrastructure to securely manage and protect your sensitive data and intellectual property.


Impactful IT Solutions to Solve your Business Problems


Network Total Care

Secure management and continuous monitoring of your communications, data, and transactional business. With cloud-based, enterprise-grade solutions, TBC delivers full network visibility. Maintain performance and meet SLAs with expert care and client-focused teams.

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Security Monitoring

24/7/365 security coverage for IT assets; monitoring for anomalies, alert investigation, clear reporting, and improved response time. We use the best people, processes, and technology available.

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Integrated Asset Management

Asset Management tracks and governs systems, software, hardware, licenses and support contracts across enterprise environments. Streamline your procurement and contract processes. Protect functionality and manage the entire asset lifecycle.

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BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service)

Protect intellectual property, product schematics, and production data with a robust 3-2-1 data backup strategy. With BaaS, organizations can focus on service, while TBC supports back-end data storage and recoverability.

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Unified Endpoint Management

Securely manage various endpoint devices with centralized distribution of patches, policies, applications, and configurations. UEM can manage end-user accessibility to ensure that workers remain productive despite distributed locations. 

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Server Total Care

Server Total Care is TBC’s solution for monitoring, managing, and maintaining infrastructure and server endpoint systems within a client-owned environment. Coverage includes servers located in data centers as well as in cloud-based environments. 

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Agility & Resiliency
Key deliverables of a Secure and Robust
IT Environment

TBC's cloud-based IT solutions deliver secure, enterprise-level integration across multiple technologies, systems, and networks. Our solutions are not particularly industry specific, but we do have experience serving clients in the Manufacturing, Life Sciences,  Financial Services, Construction, Public Sector, Education, Software, and Telecom industries. 

We can customize IT solutions to best meet your business objectives. We work closely with your teams to design, develop, and fully manage your IT operations. We will make sure your data is accessible, available, and secure so you can meet compliance regulations.

As a trusted MSP, TBC has the cloud expertise to help you streamline data management, implement remote oversight, minimize latency, increase efficiency, and provide overarching security across your digital landscape.

How can your industry benefit from centrally managed, enterprise-level, Hybrid Cloud infrastructure? Using a cloud platform gives you agility with a flexible, yet streamlined approach operations, data management, cybersecurity, and asset management. Resiliency is built into the remote oversight and controls of your endpoints.

Responsive cloud technologies can safeguard your intellectual property and sensitive data with comprehensive security monitoring and data backups. Hybrid Cloud technologies give you the agility to scale and pivot operations quickly in response to shifts in demand.

TBC's security and business experts understand the complexities of cloud deployment and with work with your business and IT leadership to build and implement your strategic roadmap. 


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