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TBConsulting was founded nearly 25 years ago with the goal of delivering IT solutions and best practices once only available to the Fortune 100, making the solutions more consumable and affordable to the mid-market and emerging enterprise space. TBC has established a proven track record of success as a managed service provider, partnering with our clients to provide outcome-driven and customer-centric service. We are proud of our 95% client retention rate -- at TBC, we listen, we care, and we are deeply committed to supporting our clients' digital transformation strategies. 

TBC's certified engineering team possesses the depth of knowledge and expertise to deliver the most up-to-date and innovative solutions to our clients. We partner with leading enterprise-grade technology companies including Nutanix, Veeam, ServiceNow, and Oracle, to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing technology landscape. We are proud that our fractional consumption models make the most advanced capabilities a reality for our clients. IT poses risks to all types of organizations and those risks are constantly changing -- TBC is able to position your business to manage those changes. We proactively and comprehensively monitor the security environment so that your organization's security strategy continually evolves to meet the changing demands. 

Partnering with TBC expands your team's expertise and capacity to that of a fully robust IT department. Your business will be able to launch those "whiteboard projects" faster without worrying about bringing on the right in-house team or about issues of scalability. Don't let your IT department get dragged down trying to manage the "keep the lights on" functions. TBC has decades of proven experience in just that -- we deliver the mundane exceptionally. TBC can help your business turn IT into a competitive advantage. 


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We are passionate about the work we do and the difference we make for our clients. We embrace change, challenge, and opportunity and are passionate about giving back to our community. Our clients are passionate about the pain points that need solving and the business outcomes they envision—so is our team. TBC is passionate about providing the time and space for our clients to implement their digital transformation strategy.


We believe the value of a partnership is paramount and foundational. We enthusiastically build long-lasting, productive relationships with our clients, team members, and vendors. We invest in your long-term success because we care. We build partnerships by solving problems collaboratively, which means we get to know your business, your employees, and your unique needs. We think and act as an extension of your team, giving you the feel of an in-house team with the experience of a larger MSP—and we like to think that stands for Managed Service Partner.


We are never satisfied with the status quo. As a team, we learn, train, grow, and innovate to continue to provide delivery excellence and exceed our clients’ expectations. The world of technology is evolving daily. We feel strategy should evolve too. Whether it’s understanding how we can fit into your existing strategy, updating a strategy based on new factors, or sharing strategies that are successful in your industry, we’re here to provide solutions for your business now and in the long term


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Steve Walker
Chief Executive Officer


Steve Walker brings more than 15 years of experience in thought leadership and executive-level IT business development to TBConsulting as Chief Executive Officer. His intimate knowledge of IT and effectiveness at communicating with executives across various industries allows him to identify pain points within companies and work together to find solutions.

Steve’s executive experience within the IT Managed Services field allowed him to develop a leadership style, which garners the respect and dedication of his colleagues and peers, particularly during times of high stress and impending deadlines. Steve keeps everyone motivated and focused on shared goals. His experience with building and leading successful business development teams has led to multi-million-dollar company growth.

Steve earned his Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University. When he is not with his TBConsulting team, you can find him spending quality time with his family and answering the call of the Southern California waves.

Dieter Gable-1
Dieter Gable


After collaborating with TBConsulting on numerous projects, Dieter Gable joined the company as CEO in 2008. In 2022 Dieter transitioned into the role of President and key advisor to the company. He brings more than 30 years of systems and consulting experience to TBConsulting. Dieter was previously a partner with one of the big-6 consulting firms servicing major clients in the financial services and government sectors. Much of his previous experience focused on developing genuinely impactful long-term strategies and outcomes for clients.

Dieter graduated from the University of Arizona and has remained involved with his alma mater. Dieter has a strong sense of giving back to the community, whether through advisory roles for private company boards or volunteering his time with local charities in Arizona. Dieter also takes his passions to a higher level through his enthusiasm for aviation as a Lifetime Blue Blazer with the Fighter Country Partnership Foundation, a group of individuals committed to supporting the men, women, families, and mission of Luke Air Force Base. When not at the helm of TBC, Dieter enjoys traveling the world and hopes to check these off his bucket list: Antarctica, Petra, Seychelles, hiking Kilimanjaro, going on safari in Kenya, and skiing on every continent.

Paul Arrington-1
Paul Arrington
Chief Operating Officer


Paul Arrington brings over 20 years of technical and IT operations experience to his role as Chief Operating Officer at TBConsulting. His vast array of knowledge and experience comes from IT leadership roles across multiple industries and environments. He is uniquely situated to understand both sides of the equation, as in prior roles, he retained the services of an MSP, and now he provides those services to clients. This allows him to anticipate and meet customer needs as they work to transform and grow. Paul is not a fan of tech for tech's sake and believes the best part of his job is problem-solving through technology to drive progress for his clients. 

Paul is passionate about training - technology moves faster than ever before - thus, learning new skills and staying sharp are the only ways to stay ahead of the constant advances. His pursuit of operational excellence is the driving factor that guides him and his team as they implement the core values of TBConsulting: Passion, Partnership, and Innovation.

A native of Arizona, Paul is a proud veteran of the United State Marine Corps. He enjoys giving back to his community by volunteering with Special Olympics. And when not spending time with his wife and three sons, you may find him outside or up in the air. Paul is a passionate outdoorsman and intrepid pilot of powered parachutes. 

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Joan Carter
Director of Service Delivery


Joan Carter has deep knowledge and expertise in the managed services space. As Director of Service Delivery, her span of control encompasses all of TBC’s solutions areas: Business Continuity, Infrastructure, ITSM, Network, Security, and Unified Communications. Joan’s prior positions with a variety of organizations and for the Department of Defense, have provided her with a broad engineering knowledge base in systems, network, and security.

She joined the TBC team in February of 2022 and considers the best part of her job to be the exciting challenge of helping to move the company forward through continual innovation and a focus on growth.

Joan holds both a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA, both with a concentration in Information Technology. She is a native of Palo Alto, California—where the propensity for technology and engineering may be in the water! In addition, she has had the opportunity to live abroad, in Germany and Japan. These stints may have contributed to making her an avid traveler. Joan’s favorite destination, so far, was the port city of Kusadasi in Turkey. And still on her travel ‘bucket list’ is Norway, the land of her ancestors.

Joan is married with two children and has three adorable grandchildren. When she is not ensuring that TBC clients have an exceptional service delivery experience, you can find her outdoors enjoying the Arizona weather and landscape—indulging in her favorite sports—hiking and kayaking.

Director of technology
Charles Montgomery
Director of Technology


Charles Montgomery, IV (or C4 for short!), did not follow the traditional educational path. As the son of a network engineer, he was interested in technology at a young age. Charles received his first Microsoft certification at age 13 and his first Cisco certification at age 16 and hasn’t stopped learning and innovating since! He continues to add to his impressive collection of network, systems, and security certifications with his latest being in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Charles had an entrepreneurial spirit as a teen, founding his first tech business, Starving Geeks, when he was just 16. He followed that with stints in help desk positions and finally in network engineering. Charles focused his engineering efforts in the managed services space for CenturyLink, before coming to TBC in 2019 as an Client Delivery Architect.

Earlier in 2022, Charles was tapped to lead the new DevOps team and take on the role of Director of Technology. Charles is in the enviable position of having created a rewarding career doing what he loves the most—solving problems in the technical and design space. This new technical/strategic role at TBC provides endless opportunities to innovate and overcome challenges. Charles believes that having such a strong technical team behind him makes the execution of solutions feel almost magical!

Charles is a native of Arizona, with a soft spot for Colorado, having spent 10 years there. He shares his life with his wife Stormie and their teenage daughter. When Charles is not immersed in the tech challenge of the day, you will find him pursuing one of his many hobbies. He is passionate about DIY electronics—like raspberry pis, 3D printing, CNC machines and tiny robots, to name a few—and cars! Charles has always had a passion for rebuilding cars—his current projects include a Porsche 944 and a Jeep Cherokee. He’s even a member of a local off-roading club and wants to convince some TBC colleagues to come join him in the fun!


Troy Brodrero
Troy Bodrero
Sr. Manager of Operational Excellence


Troy Bodrero has 35 years of experience in the technology sector. In that time, Troy has served in a variety of roles. They all have one thing in common—to bring the latest innovative solutions to the client to ease the IT burden for their organization. Troy began his study of IT at Utah State University. Since then, he has earned several certifications, including a Management Certificate from Harvard University. In his current role as Senior Manager, Operations Excellence, Troy feels lucky and honored to be leading this team—they are smart, dedicated, and client-focused—in short, they make him look good every day!

Troy is a native of Utah and has lived off and on in Arizona for over 30 years. He is the proud father of 6 children and the grandfather of 7 as well—he loves his family just the way it is—at least for the moment, until another little one arrives!

When not bringing top-tier IT solutions to TBC’s clients, you can find Troy enjoying his favorite pastimes, acting as king of the grill and watching football. He is a devoted fan of the Los Angeles Rams and the Aggies of Utah State. The pros are great, but the raw emotion of college football really speaks to him.

Although Troy loves living in Arizona, travel beckons too. His all-time favorite trip was to Amsterdam and the dream trip of the future is a safari in Africa.

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