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TBC was founded nearly 26 years ago with the goal of delivering IT solutions and best practices once only available to the Fortune 100, making the solutions more consumable and affordable to the mid-market and emerging enterprise space. TBC has established a proven track record of success as a managed service provider, partnering with our clients to provide outcome-driven and customer-centric service. We are proud of our 95% client retention rate -- at TBC, we listen, we care, and we are deeply committed to supporting our clients' digital transformation strategies. 

TBC's certified engineering team possesses the depth of knowledge and expertise to deliver the most up-to-date and innovative solutions to our clients. We partner with leading enterprise-grade technology companies including Nutanix, Veeam, ServiceNow, and Oracle, to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing technology landscape. We are proud that our fractional consumption models make the most advanced capabilities a reality for our clients. IT poses risks to all types of organizations and those risks are constantly changing -- TBC is able to position your business to manage those changes. We proactively and comprehensively monitor the security environment so that your organization's security strategy continually evolves to meet the changing demands. 

Partnering with TBC expands your team's expertise and capacity to that of a fully robust IT department. Your business will be able to launch those "whiteboard projects" faster without worrying about bringing on the right in-house team or about issues of scalability. Don't let your IT department get dragged down trying to manage the "keep the lights on" functions. TBC has decades of proven experience in just that -- we deliver the mundane exceptionally. TBC can help your business turn IT into a competitive advantage. 


Core Values 2


We are passionate about the work we do and the difference we make for our clients. We embrace change, challenge, and opportunity and are passionate about giving back to our community. Our clients are passionate about the pain points that need solving and the business outcomes they envision—so is our team. TBC is passionate about providing the time and space for our clients to implement their digital transformation strategy.


We believe the value of a partnership is paramount and foundational. We enthusiastically build long-lasting, productive relationships with our clients, team members, and vendors. We invest in your long-term success because we care. We build partnerships by solving problems collaboratively, which means we get to know your business, your employees, and your unique needs. We think and act as an extension of your team, giving you the feel of an in-house team with the experience of a larger MSP—and we like to think that stands for Managed Service Partner.


We are never satisfied with the status quo. As a team, we learn, train, grow, and innovate to continue to provide delivery excellence and exceed our clients’ expectations. The world of technology is evolving daily. We feel strategy should evolve too. Whether it’s understanding how we can fit into your existing strategy, updating a strategy based on new factors, or sharing strategies that are successful in your industry, we’re here to provide solutions for your business now and in the long term

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