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Legacy infrastructure limiting your digital transformation efforts?

TBC's business and technical experts will deliver solutions to modernize your IT.

We hear you!

Is digital care data protected, available, and able to be transferred securely?
Patients frustrated with long telephone wait times and messaging failures?
Worried about increasing Cyberattacks on healthcare facilities?
Need comprehensive, backend management and monitoring?

Healthcare is Top of Mind

IT services, delivered through Hybrid Cloud platforms, provide cost-efficient, security compliant, and performance-based solutions. TBC uses industry-leading technology to address the challenges of Healthcare's reliance on critical digital data.

A recent Nutanix study identified security, privacy, and compliance as the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. As the threat landscape expands, so do the fears of suffering an extended business interruption from a cyber attack.

Healthcare facilities risk fines, reputation, and the loss of critical data when hit by phishing, malware, or ransomware attacks. Continuous cybersecurity monitoring and visibility into endpoints will help protect valuable digital resources.



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6 Ways Healthcare Orgs Can Improve Their Cybersecurity

Learn more about how improving your organization's cybersecurity posture can improve the health and safety of your data, and your reputation.

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TBC Services for the Healthcare Industry


Systems Total Care

Management, maintenance, and monitoring of environments, systems, and infrastructure - freeing clients from mundane daily tasks with expert care and client-focused teams.

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Security Monitoring

27/7/365 security coverage for IT assets- monitoring for anomalies, alert investigation, clear reporting and improved response time using the best people, processes and technology available.

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Unified Communications as a Service is a hosted, cloud-based platform offering solutions for telephony, contact center, chat, and mobile voice connectivity, monitored and managed by TBC.

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BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service)

Protect medical and financial data with a robust 3-2-1 data backup strategy. With BaaS, organizations can focus on service, while TBC supports backend data storage and recoverability.

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Accelerate Care Delivery with Hybrid Cloud

When implemented and monitored correctly, the multi-dimensional nature of the Hybrid Cloud platform can have an enormously positive impact on an organization's ability to share clean data, streamline communication and minimize latency.

In a healthcare setting, providers rely on the accessibility and deliverability of critical medical information to responsibly address patient care. Latency issues are more than just an inconvenience - they can be downright dangerous.

Healthcare organizations can improve patient care and satisfaction with more responsive accessibility to data and efficient interoperability between various data sources (labs, hospitals, and physicians). 

Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation are part of your long-term strategic plan, so why are you hesitant to commit to the cloud? TBC experts understand cloud complexities and can help guide and support your journey.

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