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Data Backup and Recovery Services

Ensuring reliable backups and recovery of your most critical digital assets

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Data Security Costs are Rising

The growing shortage of IT talent is a significant problem. Tasking the valuable members of your IT team with data protection management is painful for them and a waste of resources for you. Leverage your team for more strategic projects, and drive your DX strategy forward, while knowing your data is fully protected and recoverable by TBC’s certified experts.

When setting up data protection, it’s easy to “set it and forget it,” but more challenging to recover data lost because of a poorly implemented data protection plan. Even when set up correctly, responding to alerts and conducting ongoing maintenance consume valuable IT resource time.

Big Data Makes Data Protection an Even Bigger Priority

As your business grows, your data grows with it. And as your data grows, your exposure to ransomware and other events that trigger data loss also increases. Swift recovery of email, files, and data is a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge in the digital economy. Your data is your most valuable asset, and protecting it is an investment in the future of your business.

Protecting your data assets, including files, emails, and databases, ensures business continuity in the event of an outage. Having a data backup and recovery solution in place before a crisis will mitigate the loss of productivity and revenue, and prevent the tarnishing of your brand.

Data Backup & Recovery Key Insights

Data Backup and Recovery Key Insights

Download our eBook which provides data backup and recovery insights that will improve your understanding of and approach to managing your data.


TBC and Data Protection

Maintain the rapid pace of DX innovation and safeguard access to your valuable data, no matter what arises, with TBC’s continuous data protection services. Our proven, automated services are administered by certified professionals and are designed to protect your crown jewels from risk to ensure business continuity.

Create a Recovery Plan

Veeam estimates the average cost of downtime to be $84,650 per hour, and the average outage lasts 79 minutes. (Veeam Data Protection Report 2021) Given the complexity of data backup and the shortage of IT resources dedicated to proper data management, it’s not surprising that 60% of SMBs who suffer a major data loss event will go out of business within 6 months. (Fundera 2020)


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CapEx vs. OpEx

CapEx vs. OpEx: Pros and Cons of Different Data Protection Models

Learn about the key differences in approaches to funding a comprehensive data protection and recovery strategy.

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Unburden Your IT Team With TBC'S Data Backup & Recovery Solution 

Learn how TBConsulting can:

  • Offer a flexible backup solution built to scale

  • Test backups to verify restorability

  • Help your team get away from the day-to-day misery of managing and maintaining backups

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Calculate the Cost of Downtime

Any downtime to your business can have a dramatic impact on your revenue and can take many forms: loss of productivity, loss of data, malware, reputation impact, and disasters disrupting your employee and customer operations. Do you know how much an outage from a disaster could cost your business? Use this calculator to help estimate the potential revenue loss.

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Data Backup and Recovery Insights

In order to survive, compete, and thrive in today’s tech savvy world—companies must take appropriate action to secure their place within a digital economy. As data volumes grow and become increasingly more complex—organizations are feeling increased pressure to enhance their data backup and recovery capabilities. We've highlighted some of our key insights in this detailed article.

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