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Extended Threat Detection & Response


Fully Managed IT Security



Need a single platform to manage your security infrastructure?
Having trouble hiring, training, and retaining qualified security engineers?
Want to stop the flood of false alerts and prioritize your resources for real threats?
Need support playing both offense and defense while responding to threats?
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IT Infrastructure Security with xTDR 

What is xTDR?

Extended Threat Detection and Response (xTDR) is a comprehensive infrastructure security solution that deploys cybersecurity preparedness, preventive controls, threat detection, active management, and SLA-driven responses to secure your IT environment.

Unique in the cybersecurity market, xTDR offers a layered defense that closes the gaps found in other Threat Detection and Response (TDR) offerings. Traditional TDR offerings often fail to isolate and alert on genuine risk, are siloed from operations, and don’t monitor network traffic because they are focused on perimeter defense.

In contrast, xTDR is a cloud versatile, end-to-end solution that consolidates data and uses automation and analytics to eliminate alert fatigue, expand threat detection, define SIEM prioritization, manage endpoints, and integrates with multiple existing systems for stronger data intelligence.

You don't have a tool problem.

You have a people and process problem.

Security and risk management require a tremendous number of resources. Your cache of security tools needs to be integrated and aligned on a single platform to deliver protection against expanding threat vectors.

All that data flowing from your tools means something. It's critically important that you find out what your tools are trying to tell you. That's where TBC excels - we use IT Service Intelligence, automation, tested methodologies, vetted tools, and orchestration to ensure accurate responses to your security events.

Our customers benefit from deeper visibility, tool simplification, and real time, proactive threat hunting to secure your IT environment. TBC’s multi-disciplinary teams are focused on protecting your infrastructure and your revenue generators.


Extended Threat Detection & Response

When you need to secure your sprawling infrastructure, TBC offers xTDR. 

xTDR extends security automation and orchestration coverage across your network, endpoints, cloud footprint, and systems to limit your exposure and make your organization more resilient to threats.


24/7 Managed Cybersecurity

Stop wasting resource cycles on false alarms.

Leverage TBC's suite of security solutions to fortify your IT infrastructure. xTDR gives you control over your environment by managing risk with both an offensive and a defensive approach. Gain the visibility and actionability you need to build infrastructure resilience.



Our SOC Doesn't Sleep

TBC's US-based tech monitoring and support services operate 24/7/365 to ensure you receive the best preventative care and incident response.

With a fixed monthly price model, xTDR helps you realize cost savings quicker, and can make you more secure, more compliant, and better at defending your tech stack against targeted, persistent threats.

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