TBConsulting Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering IT Excellence!

Phoenix, Arizona. August 1, 2021

TBConsulting, a Managed Service Provider, proudly celebrates reaching a significant company milestone—25 years of providing top-tier IT solutions to its clients. TBC was founded in 1996 by Marcus Sipolt, a former Andersen/Accenture partner. Sipolt wanted to deliver consumable and affordable IT solutions to the mid-market and emerging enterprise space - IT and business consulting services once reserved for the Fortune 100. Sipolt's first client was Franchise Finance Corporation of America. As TBC grew, Sipolt offered IT services to state and local governmental agencies. On the accomplishments of TBC, Sipolt says, “TBC has grown significantly beyond my expectations with expansions into EMEA that I never envisioned. I do take pride in the fact that the core values of passion, partnership, and innovation that we instituted in the early years have served the company in meeting these increased customer demands with extraordinary solutions.”

After collaborating with TBConsulting on numerous projects, Dieter Gable joined the company as CEO in 2008. With more than 30 years of systems and consulting experience in the financial and government sectors, Gable remains focused on developing genuinely impactful long-term strategies and outcomes for clients. Driven by its core values of passion, partnership, and innovation, TBC invests in its client partnerships, providing deep technical and strategic expertise. Today, with 90 employees, TBC delivers IT solutions and strategic guidance to various industries, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, finance, government, and education. In addition to providing bespoke IT services to clients in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Indiana, TBC enjoys an international presence, backing up well over $3.5 billion in customer data stored across 26 countries that span North America, Europe, and Africa. Gable says, “IT has continued to become more complex, and our teams continue to meet the challenges presented by this ever-changing landscape. Our deep expertise and client-centric focus have allowed us to partner with several billion-dollar, multi-national companies that appreciate what TBC brings to the table—the ability to augment internal teams to create a competitive advantage through strategic IT initiatives.”

Another key to TBC's enduring success is its focus on and commitment to company culture. Spending time together away from work is a hallmark of TBC's culture. After the pandemic lockdown, this year's 2021 companywide Annual Offsite Event, 25th Anniversary Edition, was a particularly welcome gathering for employees and their families. Held in Prescott, Arizona, this year's anniversary celebration was a chance to spend time together, learn from one another, toast our accomplishments of the past 25 years, and look forward to what the next 25 years have in store. TBC is extremely grateful to every team member, partner, vendor, and client—we couldn't do it without you and wouldn't want to.