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The way companies work and communicate are continually changing and putting increasing pressure on IT to supply the availability and reliability demanded by the business. Your communication infrastructure needs to have the ability to meet these challenges head on and grow with the pace of your business.

Through the TBC suite of Unified Communications services, including voice, conferencing, contact center, SIP monitoring, and mobility, we are ready to tackle your challenges and support you as a partner. Whether it’s in the cloud, data center, or hosted UCaaS and mobility, TBConsulting has the unified communications tools you need.

The TBC hosted Unified Communications systems, Oracle Communications Partnership, design and architecture experience, and robust technical teams deliver the best in carrier and enterprise-class services for your mid-market to enterprise environment with flexible solutions for your vision.

UC & You

TBConsulting continues to innovate, grow, and support how our clients do business. With remote workforces and an increasing reliance on mobile communications, our Unified Communications environment can meet the needs of your workforce today and tomorrow.

The TBC Difference

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    Private Cloud

    TBConsulting is already prepared for your workforce of the future by working in the cloud with enterprise-grade software and hardware to monitor your complete IT environment 24/7/365. Your communications are accessible to your entire workforce anywhere, and on various devices.

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    We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to business or business technologies, so our engineers design a solution with you to meet your specific needs. Translation: you won’t pay for services you don’t need.

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    Cost Savings

    With TBConsulting, clients have one point of contact, a simplified procurement process and on-site technicians are present to troubleshoot equipment installation, colocation services, and decommissioning of racks.

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    Digital Transformation

    Still running your voice network from a multitude of separate T1’s? Do you have proper VoIP security in place? TBConsulting, along with our highly trusted partners, help you transition your voice services to SIP. This change will save your company money and provide increased visibility and control of your voice environment.

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    Monitoring & Alerting

    Because nobody wants to be in that scenario where everything stops working, your TBConsulting team has an automated alert system configured to your environment which proactively keeps you informed of a potential issue. Managed by our 24-hour a day ITOC team, TBConsulting will give you the peace of mind that your environmental security, availability and health is being monitored and maintained by a team of specialists for any issues that may introduce outages or security problems that interrupt your business.

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    Our Communications Partners

    Our partnerships are one of our fundamental values at TBConsulting. We work with our long-term partners, standing side by side in developing and managing your technology. We trust their technology and service and they trust us to transform our client’s businesses. With these partnerships, our clients win.

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    Our team can assess your current state, including ROI analysis on infrastructure investment with roadmap project plans for future-proofing of all UC infrastructure.

Dedicated 24/7

Dedicated 24/7

We monitor your environment from network traffic to system logs at our US Based SOC and are available to clients 24/7/365. This enables us to alert you at 3 a.m. because the SOC team was able to detect an intrusion and escalate it when our experts determined it was a legitimate threat to your environment. We are always monitoring, working to ensure your environment's security.

Your company’s competitive advantage, employee data, reputation, customers and future are depending on cyber security across your entire IT infrastructure. Our job is to protect everything you work so hard to create and secure. We have your back.