Having the right security enables
your business to move faster.

We understand that tackling your company’s risk aversion is what keeps you up at night. Us too. We partner with clients around Enterprise-grade solutions which enable your company to continue growing. With TBC as a trusted partner, we enable your team to move off the internal daily 'firefighting' and onto strategic projects.

We believe in developing tools and processes that work for you and your organization. That’s why TBC creates a balanced approach for clients, giving them the desired visibility, self-service and peace of mind needed.

How to Assess Cyber Security Risks & Ensure Compliance


The TBC Approach

First things first: Understanding your environment. Our partnership with clients seeks to understand what we are securing, so we can better protect it. This approach to security provides the greatest visibility and stability organization-wide.

With an understanding of your environment we develop a strategic plan for partnering with your organization to provide the best security solution. We are big proponents of the old adage you can't protect what you can't see, and what you can’t see, you cannot protect.

Armed with visibility and Business alignment we look beyond the basics of protecting your environment and understand the touchpoints security has within the organization. With a protected ecosystem and risk minimized, IT has the opportunity to focus on organizational transformation to better serve Business needs, ensuring your competitive advantage.

Ongoing maintenance
to keep you secure

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    Penetration Tests

    We start by assessing your risk, identifying and documenting how your company’s internal and external IT environments may be exploited.

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    Security Reporting

    You know what we know. We provide a monthly review highlighting events or issues along with cyber security needs and recommendations.

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    Ongoing Testing

    Performing our regular system tests with detailed findings, we offer steps for remediation before a vulnerability becomes a liability.

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    Vulnerability Assessments & Management

    Any security or vulnerability concerns are addressed immediately with recommendations and assessment reports.

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    Managed Disaster Recovery

    We plan for the worst and have you protected with a geographically strategic back-up data center with current environment snapshots.

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    Security Monitoring

    TBConsulting has a Security Operations Center (SOC) team working 24/7/365 with visibility into network traffic and system logs.

Dedicated 24/7

We monitor your environment from network traffic to system logs at our U.S. based SOC and are available to clients 24/7/365. This enables us to alert you at 3 a.m. because the SOC team was able to detect an intrusion and escalate it when our experts determined it was a legitimate threat to your environment. We are always monitoring, working to ensure your environment's security.

Your company’s competitive advantage, employee data, reputation, customers and future are depending on cyber security across your entire IT infrastructure. Our job is to protect everything you work so hard to create and grow. We have your back.

Ready to talk with us and learn more? We’re here to help!