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Digital transformation (DX) is imperative for growth for all organizations. While DX technological advances enhance revenue growth and customer experience, they also dramatically increase the attack surface and, hence, cybersecurity risk.

Compounding increased cybersecurity risk is the expanding gap in IT talent, particularly in the Cybersecurity domain.

Your Partner in Mitigating the Risk

As your Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation partner, TBC proactively and comprehensively monitors and manages your security environment to reduce your risk, protect your data and free up your team to focus on strategic digital transformation initiatives that drive customer satisfaction and growth.

Assess your cybersecurity risk with our Cybersecurity Risk Diagnostic

Penetration Testing

TBC finds and exploits vulnerabilities in your IT environment with the intent of identifying weaknesses so they can be closed. Detailed reporting provided.

Security Monitoring

TBC’s proprietary automation framework provides 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring, helping you identify security anomalies, investigate alerts, and proactively threat hunt.

Vulnerability Assessments

TBC detects and prioritizes vulnerabilities within your IT assets, then provides the information necessary to most effectively manage patching programs.

Vulnerability Management

TBC’s continuous, on-going assessment for security vulnerabilities enables companies to locate risk and prioritize risk remediation.

Network Visibility Assessment

TBC helps your company understand what level of cybersecurity risk it’s accepting, who is attacking your network, and where your major risks lie

Dedicated 24/7

Dedicated 24/7

We monitor your environment from network traffic to system logs at our U.S. based SOC and are available to clients 24/7/365. This enables us to alert you at 3 a.m. because the SOC team was able to detect an intrusion and escalate it when our experts determined it was a legitimate threat to your environment. We are always monitoring, working to ensure your environment's security.

Your company’s competitive advantage, employee data, reputation, customers and future are depending on cyber security across your entire IT infrastructure. Our job is to protect everything you work so hard to create and grow. We have your back.