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TBConsulting Deploys IT Infrastructure in the Cloud for a Biomedical Diagnostic Startup in Record Time.

Phoenix, Arizona. April 28, 2021 

TBConsulting (TBC), an enterprise IT solutions provider, has successfully deployed HIPAA-compliant networking, data storage, cybersecurity, and business operations systems to allow a medical diagnostic startup to go from lease signing to live in just three weeks.

A molecular testing startup contacted TBC's sales team in January 2021. Their stated need was "everything" related to IT systems and data, with a firm deadline of February 8, 2021. Despite the very compressed timeline, the TBC team felt equipped to take on the challenge.

Led by Eric Marshall, Solutions Architect at TBC, cloud services and a cybersecurity program were implemented to outfit a brand-new office build-out with secure hardware and software. In partnership with vendors like Microsoft and Cisco Meraki, the team enabled the client to launch a COVID-19 testing biomedical laboratory in a matter of weeks.

Marshall said about the initial client conversation, "They came to us with nothing but a new office building. They told us, 'we need everything as we have no network, internet, systems, controls, or IT management. We need help getting it all up and running, and fast, to achieve our go-live date.'"

TBC quickly got to work installing a complete cloud infrastructure and more. The solution included:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V cluster supporting on-premises server workloads, managed in part via Microsoft Azure services
  • Microsoft 365, including authentication, endpoint, and security management, as well as business applications such as SharePoint and Teams for collaboration and document management.
  • Cloud-based data backup capabilities
  • Cisco Meraki networking hardware with a cloud-managed dashboard

"Organizations typically require months to deploy a cloud infrastructure, and then only when they have some baseline to build upon. We are very proud of our team's ability to get a brand-new startup up and running in a matter of weeks," said Dieter Gable, CEO of TBC. "We expect as the world continues to operate remotely, new startups will prefer hybrid cloud solutions, and TBC is poised to support those companies quickly."