The foundation of TBConsulting is Partnership. The relationships we create with clients, vendors, employees and peers is our most valuable asset. It is through these equitable and reciprocal relationships that we share our successes

TriWest Healthcare Alliance

"TriWest has worked with a number of large IT providers with a national footprint and have found the TBC relationship to yield improved service, better solutions and sensible pricing. TB Consulting has consistently demonstrated being a true partner to TriWest."
R. Green, CIO


Lippert Components, Inc.

“One of the decision factors to go with TBConsulting was their willingness to sit with us at the table and win.”
S. Kuehnemund, Lead Systems Solutions Architect


Meritage Homes



J. Craig Venter Institute


Big Data

Murray Company



Saddleback Communications



Client Partners

Our mission is to Empower our Clients to transform and grow. We do this by supporting transformation of their IT capabilities to support and drive growth in their company.

Our client’s business, IT department, ecosystem and goals are distinct and that is how we approach everything we do. By working with our clients as partners, your goals become our goals, and your pain points are our challenges to solve.

TBConsulting has your back. Our passionate and innovative engineers ensure the stability of your environment, processes and security so you can focus on being an agility-driven team delivering increased value to the business.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Our mission is to Empower our Clients to transform and grow. We do this by supporting transformation of their IT capabilities to support and drive growth in their company

Our Trusted Vendor Partners Are What Makes Us So Great

The technology TBConsulting works with is the most innovative for our client’s goals and the employees who rely on them. There are a lot of options out there, but TBConsulting is only partnering with the best of the best. Our vendor partners are Gartner leaders, constantly breaking new barriers and disrupting their industry.

We happily stake our business and reputation on these industry-leading partners every single day. Their commitment to us and our commitment to them means both sides are heavily invested in our shared success for clients.

Our vendors share TBConsulting’s values of innovation and partnership, and they understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to IT infrastructure and processes isn’t realistic or in the best interest of the people and businesses using them. Every company we partner with and every product we use is vetted through our internal reviews and meets our high standards because we also use them every day, not just for clients, but for our business too.


It is through these partnerships with respected vendors that TBConsulting creates and delivers a truly holistic solution to our clients, so they stay relevant and deliver on their own strategic business goals.

Business transformation happens faster every day. Those not embracing it are taking a gamble with their company and employees. Working with trusted partners gives your team their time back. No longer focused on keeping the lights on, so to speak, IT departments get back to creating industry-leading products and experiences.

Our mission is to empower our clients to grow and transform their IT department, their company and their industry.

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