TBConsulting’s team of smart, inventive experts provide IT solutions to enterprise businesses and to those for whom good enough will never be good enough. We get joy out of solving the complex problems our clients face, helping companies streamline their processes, and bringing IT teams to a new level of tech-enabled infrastructure.

Passion. Innovation. Partnership.

Three values drive us. Anyone who joins the TBConsulting team must bring passion, innovation and a partnership mentality on their first day. That’s what makes our team not only one of the best in this field, but also a team committed to each other and our shared goals.


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You would not believe how excited we are to work with clients improving their IT resources. We “geek out” about the products we use like ServiceNow and Nutanix or when a client brings us their biggest pain points to solve. We especially love to hear that our clients having more time and capacity to continue their digital transformation because they are working with us. Most importantly our clients see our passion in the wording we use – we refer to “us” and “our challenges” and take to heart any issue faced by a client.


Can we be honest for a minute? At TBConsulting, we don’t spend our time talking about products or services that worked last year, or even last month. We look ahead and are focused on what will work tomorrow and next year. Our customers, executive leadership, competitors and everyone else doesn’t get excited about maintaining the status quo, and neither do we. We are also innovative in our own processes providing clients dedicated and knowledgeable team members who work on their business every day with 24/7/365 local monitoring and support services.

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We are in this together. Whether it’s with employees, clients from multiple industries or vendors, we are not a company that operates transactionally, we operate strategically for the long term. TBConsulting believes in our reciprocal and equitable relationship with all employees and business partners. Together, we succeed for your business, for our business, for your customers, and for all of our employees. Plus, we really like the people we work with, so when we are done working hard, we play hard.

20+ Years in the Making

TBConsulting was founded in 1996 and through growth, exceptional leadership, rebranding, and a strategic shift here and there, our founding principals have always remained: Passion, Innovation and Partnership. With valuable partnerships and the business model to problem solve with products and services that scale with your business TBC has become a leading MSP in the Southwest, supporting clients across the nation.

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