Top 3 Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization has been around for a while, but some companies still consider it new technology. It helps to eliminate the number of servers you need by consolidating your data while still providing unique and separate environments.

Here are the top 3 benefits of opting for server virtualization today:

  • Reduce your data center footprint. Some data centers have a single server provisioned for each application to isolate them. By virtualizing your servers, you still have isolated applications, but your compress them on a single server.
  • Improve disaster recovery. You’ll no longer need to keep identical hardware on site to match a production environment when you use server virtualization. You’ll speed up recovery by using hardware you have on hand.
  • Help move to data virtualization. When you eliminate the need for the underlying hardware, you also prepare the way to data virtualization. As you become more comfortable with moving to virtualization, you’ll already have a head start.

More Information

To give you an idea of the benefits of data virtualization and how it can simplify your data management needs, TBConsulting put together an e-Book entitled Using Data Virtualization to Drive Business Agility & Resiliency.

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