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The workplace is changing, with mobility and centralized management reigning. With Virtual Desktops, employees can work anywhere, anytime, increasing productivity and decreasing IT desktop management task which distraction from growing the organization.

Having a central management of all desktops, patching, updates and image OS files with TBConsulting VDI gives clients stability, integrated self-service and most importantly visibility. The vendor partners we work with to create this holistic solution, include the Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders Nutanix with a close partnership with Veeam. Together we transform organizations with IT and business alignment to keep your competitive edge.

Veeam AHV Webinar

Empower your VDI with Nutanix + Veeam

  • One

    Central Management

    Central management of the VDI environment makes upgrades easier, and because all user data is backed up centrally and regularly, VDI also provides organization-wide data integrity.

  • Two

    Reduced time, costs and hardware.

    VDI will give your IT department the gift of time! Using VDI reduces the time to provision new desktops, while also significantly decreasing desktop management and support time organization-wide.

  • Three

    Increased security and scalability.

    Virtual environments reduce hardware maintenance costs and keep IT nimble with a scalable environment ready to meet your demands. Clients are empowered with an agile virtual environment to quickly adjust to the needs of the business while maintaining the maintaining the security and stability.

What to Expect During a VDI Migration

While you may not be questioning the operational benefits of migrating to VDI, there are several factors that need to be considered, like your ability to integrated your business processes with a VDI platform. If you plan properly before rolling out this new technology, you’ll eliminate the pitfalls that can cost you time and money. And your end-users will be happy.

Dedicated 24/7

Dedicated 24/7

We monitor and manage your VDI environment to ensure its compatibility with new version releases while it benefits from a team of engineers to optimize and improve its performance. All TBC services are backed by our US Based IT Operations Center team and are monitoring client environments 24/7/365. This enables us to alert intercept and troubleshoot incidents as they arise and start remediation efforts while you focus on strategic projects to move your organization forward and maintain its competitive edge.