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Whether big or small, your team is the best at serving your company’s customers and employees. Yet, their time is continually spent on daily ‘firefighting’ tasks which consume the majority of every day, making advancement on strategic initiatives difficult to accomplish.

You’re the best at what you do. TBC specializes in monitoring & maintaining
your IT ecosystem, which enables your team to continue to excel.

We implement our systems and processes, train your team, so pull up a comfy chair because we are in this for the long haul.

Having one team manage and maintain your IT infrastructure, growth, security and response simplifies your team’s responsibilities and frees up time and capacity to focus on strategic growth initiatives and creative industry disruption efforts.

TBC Total Care

You + TBC

Working with partners you trust is the first step. TBC combines monitoring, maintenance and management of your infrastructure into one seamless service. TBC provides the visibility, superior customer service and a dedicated team to keep you informed on trends and potential incidents which may arise before they become a problem.

Now that we’ve taken away a significant amount of your stress and given you that time back, your team can refocus on digital transformation, innovation and business automation to align your company’s business goals with IT skills and capabilities. Our goal is to empower you to grow and transform your business through IT solutions and services that go beyond just good enough and are truly designed for a transformative, agile workforce.

The Total in Total Care

It’s comprehensive, inclusive, and serves your collective team, budget and organizational goals. Total Care includes:

  • One

    Infrastructure Monitoring

    Our enterprise-grade software and hardware monitors your organization’s IT environments with support 24/7/365.

  • Two

    Incident Response

    When they happen, incidents are identified, prioritized, ticketed in our system and clients are alerted and kept informed.

  • Three

    Infrastructure Maintenance

    Your TBC team manages and maintains your complete infrastructure hardware.

  • Four

    Vulnerability Remediation

    We look for your vulnerabilities through ongoing testing before someone else finds them, and compile remediation plans.

  • Five

    Managed Disaster Recovery

    We plan for the worst and have you protected with a geographically strategic back-up data center with current environment snapshots.

  • Six

    Streamlined IT

    TBC team delivers scalable support during growth or downsizing with new tools and solutions.

Dedicated 24/7

Dedicated 24/7

We monitor and maintain your environment to ensure availability, resiliency, and security while it benefits from a dedicated team of professionals, who provide customer service as their number one objective. All TBC services are backed by our US Based IT Operations Center team and are monitoring client environments 24/7/365. This enables us to alert intercept and troubleshoot incidents as they arise and start remediation efforts while you focus on strategic projects to move your organization forward and maintain its competitive edge.