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What your business can accomplish with a private cloud goes beyond the elasticity to implement programs, scalability, and always-on availability. With a managed and monitored private or public cloud IT can stop spinning cycles. We understand the tenants of a Cloud Framework: security, scalability, and compliance. With these your business will be able to focus on maintaining its innovative edge in the marketplace.

Top 5 Benefits of Transitioning
From Hardware to a Private Cloud

While you may not be questioning the operational benefits of transitioning to the cloud, there are several benefits to considering a private cloud instead of a public one. This could be a game-changing solution for companies with business critical data, or regulatory and governance obligations.

TBC Private Cloud

  • One


    A private cloud must be secure. Public cloud options can cost three to five times more and aren’t customized for your business. Our private cloud service enhances security protocols and protections for your critical data.

  • Two


    Your cloud scales with the business and workloads to ensure performance always meets demand. The cloud we design today is your company’s tomorrow as agility and growth objectives become the primary focus.

  • Three

    No Infrastructure

    We all love this benefit. Reducing or completely eliminating on-premise hardware means your private cloud lowers IT maintenance expenses and gives your team more time to get back to strategic initiatives. That’s a win–win in our book.

Dedicated 24/7

Dedicated 24/7

We monitor your private or community cloud environment to ensure its availability, compatibility, and scalability, while it benefits from a highly specialized team of experts trained to optimize and improve its performance. All TBC services are backed by our US Based IT Operations Center team and are monitoring client environments 24/7/365. This enables us to alert intercept and troubleshoot incidents as they arise and start remediation efforts while you focus on strategic projects to move your organization forward and maintain its competitive edge.