IT Security Assessments

Cyber Security issues have become so pervasive and rampant that without a comprehensive Data Security mindset throughout your company, it’s no longer “if” you will be compromised but a matter of how “many times” you will be compromised. The cost of a data breach can run into the millions of dollars with complex legal and regulatory implications. It’s no longer acceptable to assume “it’s not going to happen to me.”


TBConsulting has an entire division dedicated solely to the practice of cyber security. An IT security assessment from our cyber security consultants can help you proactively secure and monitor all aspects of your business. Our IT security assessment, along with a practiced tactical actions plan in the event of a data breach, will help you exponentially decrease your cyber security risk.

A TBConsulting IT security assessment involves more than 200 tasks. Our comprehensive report provides a clear understanding of all cyber security risks, along with tactical actions for their remediation. With the help of TBConsulting’s cyber security team, your company can begin tipping the scales of security in your favor.


As the business of hacking grows, so do the resources behind the hackers themselves. You must be prepared, and you must have a security mindset to ensure that you do not become a victim. With a comprehensive plan, a managed IT security mindset, and proper employee training, you can enjoy a good night’s rest knowing that your company won’t be tomorrow’s headline.

Assess Your Security Now

Cyber security involves every aspect of your business. It only takes one weak link to lose the battle.

A TBConsulting comprehensive IT Security Assessment covers:

External Penetration Test –
Public-Facing Assets
Web applications
Mobile applications
FTP servers
Scan of all public facing ports
SSL security
Intrusion prevention system
Intrusion detection system
Admin console accessibility
Internal Penetration Test –
Internal Privileges and Social Engineering
Patching and operating systems
Increase Performance and Capacity Independently
Group policy and security policy scans
Spyware policies and procedures
System protocol leakage
Wireless access point management and configuration
SMB vulnerabilities
How to Assess Cyber Security Risks & Ensure Compliance

How to Assess Cyber Security Risks & Ensure Compliance

Let one of our security specialists review your environment to assess your security posture and provide actionable steps towards closing any gaps!

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