IT Assessments

If your company is like many organizations, your IT environment developed over time, keeping up with the pace of your business. Unless you’ve had the right kind of IT planning and careful technology management all along, your technical environment probably has gaps. You may have unintended information silos, single points of failure, duplicate tools and, of course, system performance issues.

Your internal IT resources may lack the expertise or perspective to begin resolving the resulting spider web of applications and technologies. You may not know the full extent of your situation until an outage occurs, a disaster strikes, or you are faced with an audit. Let TBConsulting’s experienced team of IT consultants in Phoenix and San Diego help you understand the current state of your IT environment with a thorough IT assessment.

Every company has unique priorities and needs that should drive its technology direction. TBConsulting can take a holistic and comprehensive approach to your current IT environment, your business goals, your technology needs, and your resources.

A TBConsulting IT Assessment includes:

Complete network topology
Asset inventory and management
Application and software inventory
Server infrastructure health and age
Capacity management and inventory
Data driven decisions

We will help you create an IT plan that will provide a solid roadmap for the future.

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