New E-Book Highlights the Benefits of a Private Cloud Solution

Companies are shifting to consuming IT through public or private cloud solutions in large numbers. Besides the faster time to market, streamlined processes, and flexible infrastructure costs, there is still a large debate over whether to choose a public cloud or a private cloud.

What is the Difference Between Public and Private Clouds?

A public cloud consists of physical hardware that is shared between many companies for their cloud computing needs. Instead of having servers half full with individual companies’ IT solutions, servers are filled with multiple business solutions to achieve cost efficiencies from sharing the hardware, infrastructure, and maintenance and monitoring functions. All of the costs associated with hardware, facility upkeep, power, temperature regulation, internet connectivity, and physical security are managed by the cloud provider on behalf of the companies utilizing their cloud platform.

On the other hand, a private cloud consists of dedicated hardware that isn’t shared. With dedicated hardware, you get more control over and security of your data, its storage, and your regulation and governance obligations. This is especially important for companies that are regulated through the FDA or HIPAA. A private cloud also lets you customize your solution to best suit your specific IT requirements, something that can’t be done on a public cloud.

Which Approach is Right for You?

That depends on our current and future planned applications. Are you moving all your applications to the cloud or only some? The other very important question is what regulatory issues must you comply with? The answers to these questions should help guide you to the appropriate cloud solution for your needs.

How to Get More Information

To help you gain a better insight into the cloud, TBConsulting has released a new E-Book that details some surprising benefits of transitioning to a private cloud solution. Whether you’re just beginning to research what a private cloud solution looks like or you already have a good understanding of private clouds, this comprehensive E-Book lays out some advantages that you may not have considered.

The E-Book, titled “Top 5 Benefits of Transitioning to a Private Cloud” discusses only 5 of the many benefits you can achieve from switching to a private cloud solution. It covers dedicated hardware that means better performance for your specific workload, and increased security that means your business critical data is actually safer in the cloud’s data center.

There are more benefits discussed in the E-Book, and there’s even a bonus benefit at the end that you may not have considered. To get a copy of this enlightening and informative guide, simply go to our resources center and download your copy for free.

“Top 5 Benefits of Transitioning to a Private Cloud” is chock full of useful information on how a successful private cloud solution can take your IT solution to the next level. If you want to be better informed to help you make the decision to transition or not, get a copy of this important e-Book today.