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Data transmission is the lifeblood of business in the era of digital transformation (DX). Every file, transaction, and email shared across networks must be transmitted quickly and securely. Maintaining a connection with an increasingly remote workforce and far-flung customer base is crucial to business success. Strategic DX initiatives that grow businesses depend upon the foundation of a healthy, robust, and scalable network.

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TBC’s Network Total Care solution equips you with an integrated Software-Defined WAN or SD-WAN built for the cloud and securely expedites your business’ communications, data and transactions. TBC uses an overlay architecture to provide real-time, enterprise-grade feedback for full network visibility. Real-time analytics detect issues when performance drops below pre-defined thresholds. Intelligent routing and load-balancing traffic between multiple internet or VPN connections ensures that your network performance meets SLAs.

What to Expect

TBC's experts begin the discovery process by documenting the design and configuration of your network. This network visibility allows TBC to create a remediation plan to optimize your network and fix existing issues. Once your automation infrastructure is online, TBC provides 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades. Real-time alerting allows TBC's IT Operations Center to validate, troubleshoot, and resolve issues before downtime and disruption occur. TBC keeps your team updated, freeing them to stay focused on strategic DX initiatives.

Gartner predicts that "by 2023, more than 90% of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on vCPE or SD-WAN appliances versus traditional routers." (Gartner 2019)

What Is Technical Debt and Is It Slowing Your Digital Transformation?

Technical debt is inevitable as a critical component of healthy business models. Too much technical debt is unhealthy as it can drive your organization into technical bankruptcy and spirals into something difficult to manage. Learn how to strategically think about how to manage technical debt in this quick video.

Benefit: Infinite Scalability via Simplicity

Many companies make the mistake of trying to grow bigger through complexity. TBC's proven standards and designs will enable your network to become infinitely scalable while maintaining a small network's simplicity. Rather than tracking devices across your network with different code versions and bugs, a standardized design will simplify tracking, ensuring fixes happen quicker to reduce downtime and disruption. Increasing network capacity to accommodate business growth is a cinch. A simple design with standardized equipment streamlines software upgrades and licensing and ensures predictable costs for new hardware and services.

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Benefit: Keep Your IT Team Focused on DX

Strategic DX initiatives require focus and momentum from your in-house IT team, which can be lost when those teams are preoccupied with the time-consuming tasks of network upkeep, upgrades, and monitoring. Also, the cost and time involved in finding, hiring, and keeping someone with the specialized skills and top-dollar talent of a network architect is a heavy burden for your business. Instead, leverage TBC’s highly skilled team of experts to optimize and manage your network while you maintain your DX momentum.

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