Data Management Services

The term Big Data or the Data Explosion is nothing new to many businesses. Each and every day, 15 petabytes of NEW data gets created. 35% of industries need to keep records for years due to compliance and regulatory reasons. The ability to handle large data bases will become an even larger issue in the future.


Compounding this issue is the fact that the data layer has yet to become virtualized, causing massive databases to be copied over and over again: a copy of the company’s database for each developer, for compliance, for testing, for backup, for DR, and on and on. There must be a better way!

TBConsulting has partnered with the best of breed vendors to enable our clients in Phoenix and San Diego to rein in the big data nightmare. With tools like Actifio, we are able to virtualize data, enabling the deployment of nearly infinite virtual copies for all data management needs. Once data has reached the correct life stage for data storage, we can de-duplicate data to an unprecedented 191 to 1 ratio. Say goodbye to costly and unrecoverable tapes!

Data is one of the most valuable and critical aspects of your business. Turn to a trusted partner to ensure you have a plan for your data’s entire life cycle. Don’t let data become an expensive vulnerability. Instead, make it your most valuable asset.

TBConsulting Data Management benefits include:

Peace of mind with a testable business continuity site
Increased Development and operations collaboration
Decreased complexity within your database architecture
Decreased costs by cutting data storage needs by up to 10 fold
Digital copies of backups
Granular SLAs by workload means optimized budget and performance

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