Virtual Desktop (VDI) Solutions

Managing desktops can be a huge expense, not to mention the security risk associated with 12,000 laptops that are reported lost or stolen each week at US Airports (according to the US Transportation Security Administration). The solution to these issues is an IT administrator’s dream: Virtual Desktops (VDI). Offering centralized management, centralized security, and true endpoint management, virtual desktops create a compelling case for the enterprise, and small­-to­-midsize businesses as well.

TBC’s VDI-­as-­a-­Service, powered by Nutanix and VMware, is among the best on the market. Not only does VDI offer vastly increased security, but latency and syncing are now to the point that the end­-user experience is on par with a physical desktop. And thanks to advanced transmission compression, your network will not suffer undue load.

Crucially, virtual desktops solve the bring­-your-­own-­device issues that plague almost all organizations. VDI solutions even lessen your carbon footprint and allow for much simpler backup services, such as SnapShots.

TBConsulting VDI Benefits Include

Security – Safely and centrally manage users’ endpoints – No more data on endpoints.
Scalable – Scale up or down VDIs within days
Mobility Enabled – Allow users to access apps / data securely on mobile devices (run Windows natively on your iPad)
SAVE Capital – Save precious capital for other initiatives with TBC Opex
Extend the life of current CPUs – No need to buy new CPUs every three years

What to Expect During a VDI Migration

What to Expect During a VDI Migration

Spare yourself the headaches associated with desktop refreshes and missing laptops by migrating to TBC’s secure, scalable, and elastic virtual desktop solution.

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