Cyber Security & Cyber Risk Management

Upgrading cyber security is among the top 5 priorities that CEOs have for their CIOs in the coming year (CIO Magazine). It’s no longer if you will have a cyber­ security breach, it’s a matter of how many times will you suffer a cyber ­security breach. The difference in being prepared or not can easily mean the difference between staying in business, or becoming another one of the 60% of companies that close their doors permanently just 6 months after a cyber­-attack.

With TBC’s Cyber­-and-­Data-­Security-­Breach-­as-­a-­Service you will not only be exponentially more secure, but when the day comes that you need to react to a cyber threat, the impact will be a speed bump rather than a head­-on collision. The key to Cyber Security lies in the planning and preparedness.

Get Your Cyber Security Assessment

Cybersecurity can no longer be ignored. Cyber attacks are very likely to happen to you, even with the best planning. You need a trusted data security partner and cyber security expert on your side to ensure your client’s sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Steps to Cyber Security Success:

Cyber Security Assessment and Penetration Testing – Our team of cyber security experts in Phoenix and San Diego will evaluate your cyber security risk and regularly test the security of your entire data perimeter
Training and Education – Constant and diligent cyber security training of the employees and end users
Intrusion Prevention and Detection – 24/7 monitoring and testing of environment at our cyber security operations center
Cyber Insurance – Part of an effective and holistic data breach plan
Communication Strategy – Comprehensive and practiced ensures legal compliance along with customer loyalty post breach
Privileges and Policies – Mitigate cyber risk through cyber security best practices for end-­user access and secure your baseline across devices
Hardware and Software – Deploy the most secure hardware and software configuration by a certified cyber security expert

How to Assess Cyber Security Risks & Ensure Compliance

How to Assess Cyber Security Risks & Ensure Compliance

Our cyber risk management team takes a holistic view of your cyber readiness and deploys best­-of­-breed cyber security solutions to ensure we cover all major vectors of attack.

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