Converged Infrastructure Solutions

If you are not ready to adopt the public cloud, but still want to reap the benefits, consider letting us help you build your own private cloud. Why spend time managing port bonding, multi-pathing, RAID groups, RAID set sizes, zoning, LUN masking, storage from disparate systems, when you could be focusing on your core business.

Deploy your team’s high-­value resources to focus on designing new apps, bringing them to market, monetizing them, parsing the resulting data, and other business objectives. Don’t be a server hoarder, clinging desperately to antiquated hardware, because the competition will leave you in the proverbial dust.

TBC works with the leaders in converged infrastructure and has deployed some of the largest instances of converged infrastructure in the Southwest. With our experience, and with partners like Nutanix, you can take advantage of infrastructure without taking on the cost of maintenance, or the risk of downtime.

Consider some of the benefits of a converged infrastructure:

Conserve Capital – Fractionally increase capacity and performance independently, rather than overbuying and underutilizing.
Save Time – Deploy in days and enjoy 30x faster time to value
Utilization – No more wasted infrastructure due to over provisioning
Scalable – Scale to any size environment with 100% predictability
Value – Cut your Total Cost Of Ownership in half over just a 3 year period
NO Downtime – Refresh infrastructure or increase capacity with zero downtime

TBConsulting has specialized in driving business value for our clients for nearly 20 years. Let us put our IT support and consulting experience to work helping you grow your organization.

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