Data Center Colocation Solutions

When designing and deploying your most critical infrastructure, even seemingly small decisions can seem daunting. Our team of experienced IT consultants in Phoenix and San Diego have worked with hundreds of data centers and partner with only the best vendors in the industry.

The leaders in the datacenter space have evolved to offer the greatest density, availability and reliability of their critical services. Not only do servers require greater cooling and power requirements but also you need to leverage the best networks available to deliver your application and tools instantly to your consumer’s end points. All of these considerations along with physical security, compliance, and certifications factor into the decision­-making process.

TBC’s network of best­-of­-breed data centers and telecommunication providers ensure that your critical services are in the right hands. No longer will you be faced with pointing fingers. TBC’s Service­-Level Agreements are ours and ours alone. TBC along with our partners offer the best SLAs and services in the industry.

High Density Modules ­ For applications with high power density requirements, IO provides modular data center infrastructure that is capable of supporting up to 30kW per rack
Enterprise DataCenters – With companies like Forbes, Goldman Sachs, and CBS in the TBC partner datacenter environment you know you are in good hands
100% Transparency – With real­-time intelligence you can make data driven and proactive decisions
100% Uptime SLA – Industry leaders only offer 100% uptimes

With feature­-rich offerings and tireless service from TBC, the datacenter of the future awaits you.

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