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People, discipline and technology. Three areas of utmost importance to a successful Digital Transformation (DX) strategy, and equally critical to effective ITSM.

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Without ITSM, a company’s IT staff is continuously firefighting, bogged down by routine and repetitive processes. Mundane requests distract from DX efforts. Projects run over budget, are delivered late, and not at the expected quality. Eventually, employee productivity suffers, as slow IT response times chip away at the team’s performance and internal reputation.
Disparate systems and immature processes create inconsistent service experiences. Assimilating data from multiple inputs makes it challenging to gain an actionable view of the team’s performance as well as the time spent on strategic planning or issues management. Without data, it is impossible to understand how to improve service.

Fortunately, companies can successfully drive DX and automation while lowering operational costs. A unified IT platform with consistent end-to-end visibility and stability and a single configuration management database (CMDB) across the IT portfolio can propel a company ahead of its competition through disciplined governance. A company can scale its IT services, productivity, and collaboration and shift budget from upkeep to innovation with 25% fewer significant outages.

An ITSM Platform Designed for Your Business

Enter TBConsulting and its partnership with ServiceNow, a six-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for ITSM tools. ServiceNow provides streamlined and secure cloud-based automation of business functions - a single platform for request management, real-time analytics, collaboration across business functions, and automated best practices for simplified audits. With over 300 customizations built into our ITSM platform, there’s no need to settle for a one-size-fits-all platform. TBC designs the platform to custom fit your specific business needs. 


Hands-off Ongoing Maintenance

TBC’s ServiceNow team of experts monitor your ServiceNow environment to ensure its compatibility with new version releases and optimize and improve its performance. All TBC services, backed by our US-based IT Operations Center team (ITOC), monitors your environment 24/7/365. ITOC enables us to alert, intercept, and troubleshoot incidents as they arise and start remediation efforts allowing your team to remain focused on its strategic projects.

A Forrester TEI study reported both service desk and IT back-office teams gained 20% efficiency with ITSM.

ITSM Needs Ongoing Attention

An effective ITSM platform is not “set it and forget it.” It requires a well-thought-out set of requirements, and once in place, ongoing attention. Without a dedicated team in place to manage this powerful platform, the challenges can quickly outweigh the benefits. TBC’s ITSM team of experts maximizes your investment in an ITSM platform for peak performance, allowing your team to refocus on the business of DX.

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ITSM Isn't for the Inexperienced

Just as you wouldn't trust your financials to an unseasoned accountant, you shouldn't turn over your ITSM environment to a less experienced and distracted IT staffer. This powerful yet complex system deserves attention from TBC's experienced network engineers who have gone through extensive ITSM training and performed countless updates, patches, and module upgrades. With TBC, you don't have to worry about exorbitant salaries and extensive recruiting to find and keep a hard-to-find and hard-to-keep hire.

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Maximize your ITSM platform with TBC

Just adding an ITSM isn’t the answer. Without the proper set up and maintenance, this powerful platform becomes costly and complex. It is challenging for a busy IT team to keep up with upgrades, implementation of new modules, testing, and training on new versions. And hiring an ITSM expert can be an expensive endeavor for a small or mid-sized business. Finding these experts is akin to searching for needles in a haystack.

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