IT Partners

Companies We Stake Our Reputation on, Every Single Day

We know you don’t want to invest your time and money in an untested technology that might not work for you. Yet you need innovative, best-in-class IT solutions that will help you gain and keep your competitive edge and drive greater profitability.



From physical to virtual to human, the entire perimeter of your environment must be accounted for. At TBC we leverage the best tools and companies in the business to ensure your data stays safe.

TBConsulting works closely with the industry’s leading hardware and software companies to ensure that each of our clients has absolutely the right technology solution for them.



You can only manage what you can measure. With the right suite of management tools TBC can turn IT from a cost center into a value generating machine that directly aligns and supports company objectives.

Our partners are companies like Microsoft, QuadraNet, Citrix and Fortrust. And some up-and-coming technology companies that maybe you haven’t even heard of yet.

Physical / Environmental

When it comes to the physical and environmental aspects of our clients critical infrastructure there is no room for comprimise. We leverage the best in the business for reliability, density, security, and connectivity.

We stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, so we can help our clients choose the right product from the right partner at the right time.


Compute and Virtualization

The world of computing has changed drastically and will continue to evolve. Lean on TBC’s expertise and experience to ensure your critical application and environment leverages the right tools for the job.

Data Storage

Data has become many companies most valuable asset. How that data gets managed, collected, leveraged, accessed, and retained all drive the architecture of the ideal storage solution. TBC has experience and partnerships with the best in the industry to ensure your data storage solutions meet your needs.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup and recovery has been the #1 issue of the mid-size market three years in a row. At TBC we are experts in ensuring you not only back up your data but that you can recover with ease.

Telephony / VoIP

TBConsulting VoIP management services consultants powered by our partners can help your company identify and implement hosted VoIP solutions that provide increased functionality, improved reliability and meaningful cost savings.


Ensuring your technology talks securily, reliably, and at the speed of light is a complex task. Our team of Network engineers power by our partnerships with the best in the business

We run every new hardware or software solution through our own rigorous set of quality tests before recommending it to our clients.

So they don’t have to.

That’s why companies like eResourcePlanner, TriWest HealthCare Alliance, and  TMST Mortgage trust us to provide their entire breadth of IT needs.


Call us at: (602) 396-5318 to learn how we can help your organization drive greater success through innovative IT solutions.