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We Understand Your Unique Challenges

Whether you are a pharmaceutical firm focusing on R&D or a city government delivering programs and services, you need to constantly improve your IT operational efficiency, optimize costs and drive innovation. If that weren’t challenging enough, new regulations and compliance standards are constantly evolving. And employees increasingly expect to be able to do their work effectively both in the office and on the go.

How can you focus on running on your business, while keeping up with the latest technologies, maintaining the security of your customer and employee data and staying in compliance with every new regulation?


We’ve already gone through the learning curve for you. Whether you want to architect your strategic business systems to be more responsive, an effective disaster-recovery plan delivered yesterday, or a sound strategy for securing your customer’s private information, we can help you meet the challenge – head on.

Whether you’re developing a new software-as-a-service application, folding proteins, auditing health records or optimizing portfolios, TBConsulting can help you stay on top of what you need to know and do. We also work with a number of non-profit organizations, state and local governments.

We understand your need for game-changing technology, reliable IT systems, secure data and rigorous accountability.

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