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TMST Inc., formerly known as Thornburg Mortgage, Inc. was a United States real estate investment trust (REIT) that originated, acquired and managed mortgages with a focus on jumbo and super-jumbo adjustable rate mortgages. The company sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2009 and has since been under the control of US Trustee seeking to recover assets for the estate (~36 billion in assets in 2007).


TMST was needing to move out of the existing data center and offices and relocate to a secure facility that would protect the computers and related data for the duration of the anticipated multi-year litigation period expected for the recovery of assets. Concurrent to the bankruptcy, there was a need to secure computers and data related to a number of on-going criminal investigations.

TB Consulting has also helped in the recovery of data from out-of-date and unsupported back-up equipment/media. Additionally TBC has helped build tools to help in the litigation support including custom software programs to help sort through and index relevant data.


TB Consulting was able to migrate TMST to a a Tier 3 Data Center from NM to AZ with less than 30 hours of down time. This was accomplished with diligent planning and execution. TB Consulting was also able to lock costs for duration of contract so TMST could have predictable costs for estate.

Custom Software Development and Support
Secure Dual-custody of Equipment
Forensic Software Support
VoIP Implementation
Litigation and Criminal Investigation Support
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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Litigation Support
Forensic Review
Asset Custodian

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Shapiro Sher Guinot &
Sandler (US Trustee)
Goldin Associates

“TMST used an RFP process to find a vendor who could handle the legal requirements while containing costs. TBC has repeatedly come up with answers to difficult problems, often at no additional cost”

Caren Shiozaki, CIOTMST

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