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eResourcePlanner automates enterprise resource planning and work force management for a broad range of clients including call centers, police departments, hospitals and organizations that are looking to remove the manual element out of shift management.

The eRP solution allows personnel to manage and adjust their schedules with colleagues based on a defined set of rules ensuring matches in criteria such as time of day, skill sets, required competencies and organization/union rules governing shift changes.


The challenge started with an unplanned outage at the data center of a key client server. eRP contacted TB Consulting after a referral by IO Data Center. TB Consulting responded with a team of personnel to address both the hardware failure and ancillary SQL database issues. eRP was able to restore full service to the client the same day.

This event highlighted a key challenge to eResourcePlanner – –eRP offers an enterprise product that generated demand outstripping their limited IT resources ability to keep pace and respond to ever increasing 24/7/365 needs of clients with around the world users needing timely access to manage their data centers and personnel.

Compounding this was the speed at which client demand was growing and an insufficient amount of time to even consider building out the in-house IT team.


After realizing that their enterprise grade software and growth required enterprise level IT support, eRP and TBC jointly developed a long term IT support strategy.

The strategy considered the entire breadth of IT needs. TBC delivered a solution that provided measurable savings in time and money:

Business Continuity Site
Business process and workflow design
Strategy and business development consulting
Disaster recovery and alternate site (DRaaS)
IT architecture and design including DB tuning

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Call Center
Workforce Management
Call Metrics/Optimization

Select Clients

Jet Blue
Carnival Cruise Lines
AAA of California
San Jose Police Department

“The data center we use recommended TBC for an emergency need. Since then I have relied on TBC to provide me complete infrastructure support. TBC has proven themselves time and again in their ability to look past the current issues to provide me long term solutions. ”

D. Slattery, CEO

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