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Integrated Asset Management

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At a time when Executives are demanding more scrutiny and justification for IT spend, there must be a clear and accurate asset inventory available to decision-makers. An integrated asset management program will enable IT departments to optimize the utilization of existing assets throughout their lifecycles and determine procurement opportunities. With business-wide inventory controls in place, it is easier to eliminate redundant or unnecessary purchases while providing financial oversight into all IT spend.

Are you confident that you control the who/what/where/when/why/how of each asset in your environment? Do you understand that you are responsible for the vulnerability status of each asset, even if it is lost or hidden? Many times, each department may have a general idea of their inventory, but no way to communicate incident and response protocols when an asset fails. This unstructured and siloed information causes chaos and delays incident response, both detrimental to operational excellence.

Without appropriate processes and approvals in place, hardware and software inventory can quickly spin out of control, resulting in unnecessarily high costs and no easy way to track the source of operational outages. Operational outages are a major cost to businesses. Can you risk an outage caused by expired certificates, lapsed support contracts, or end-of-life equipment, when comprehensive asset management could have protected the business? 

What to Expect

Optimize your IT spend and inform your decision-making capabilities with a comprehensive IT asset management solution. Make your assets work for you to achieve your business outcomes.

Discover. Track. Maintain. Enterprise-level asset lifecycle management.

TBC’s proven ITAM solution leverages the industry-leading ServiceNow platform to provide controls and governance to integrate procurement, support contracts, and asset management processes.

Work with TBConsulting's business analysts and certified ServiceNow engineers to implement and manage your Asset Management and Configuration Management Databases. We will help you to streamline your procurement and budgetary processes.

Our custom-built solution integrates ServiceNow workflows, forms, and tables to manage all stages of the asset lifecycle, from procurement to end-of-life. With centralized asset tracking and contract management, we can help eliminate redundant purchases, keep track of your service and support contracts, entitlements, and licenses for your hardware and software.

Our business and technology teams will provide best practice guidance on asset management and procurement management to support your infrastructure and streamline IT investments.

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Eyes wide open with Comprehensive IT Asset Management


You may be like 74% of businesses who don't have control of IT spend, so you're probably overspending on piecemeal hardware and software. And disjointed assets can put your business at risk.   

Untracked assets lead to service disruptions due to an expired certificate, or worse, invite a cyberattack on a long-forgotten asset that can infect your network, incur compliance penalties, and paralyze your business. The discipline and structure of a centralized IT asset management solution help manage costs as well as risk.

Operate your business with your eyes wide open to avoid the common pitfalls of disorganized and siloed assets that can put your brand, your image, and your profitability at risk. You cannot effectively manage assets without tracking them, and you can't manage entitlements and ensure compliance without detailed asset information. 

When you implement a comprehensive IT asset management solution that is tied to your CMDB, you will be able map critical asset relationships to build strategic business outcomes. More asset data can help determine how to improve workflows and processes by leverage existing assets and accurately forecasting IT spend to grow your business. 

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“A proper asset management program will allow your organization to cut spending, eliminate wasteful hardware and software, and improve your organizational security. More data will lead to better business decisions made across the organization.” - Sandi Conrad, Senior Research Director, Infrastructure Practice, Info-tech Research Group

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