Job Title: Enterprise Architect (EA)

Job Summary

The EA will develop, execute, and own all processes, standards, and architecture inside of the enterprise information services teams depending on their focus areas of Information Architecture, Integration Architecture, Application Architecture and HR/Finance systems architecture.

You will be responsible for making sure the overall long-term, strategic architectural direction of TBConsulting aligns with business strategy, and the overarching Technology and Systems strategy we deploy across all facets of our business. This position will ensure that as new systems and go-to-market strategies are developed and deployed they support the underlying foundation ensuring long-term sustainability, flexibility, expandability, best total cost of ownership, and the overall best return on investment for the cost and time spent in developing business systems and solutions on behalf of our Clients.

Job Description

Your job will be to create an overview of our assets, IT processes, business development strategies and other internal functions to establish and implement changes that will increase our sustainability and prepare us for future expansion.

As an Enterprise Architect, you will conceptualize and design technology solutions to meet enterprise business needs. This involves providing critical perspective and guidance on strategy, investments and innovation. You will be responsible for using your knowledge of defined reference architectures, technology trends and implementation to translate a business need into a solution blueprint that represents an end-to-end technical solution. As part of Service Delivery, the phases of solution creating involve designing, planning, implementing, and governing an enterprise information technology architecture.

In addition,

  • You will prepare one or more architectural models for each aspect of the job and cooperate with our Company executives to establish baselines and benchmarks.
  • Your goal will be to future-proof our business as much as possible through the efficient development, recruitment and deployment of talent.
  • You will assist with and architect solutions to improve our Business Development, Delivery, Service Management and internal IT department’s functions, features and effectiveness to support or future goals and objectives.
  • You will ensure the technology objectives of the enterprise are aligned to the business goals.
  • You will assist with the creation of business architecture models that reflect our strategies and goals that align with those of our Clients.
  • You will evaluate and assist with the customization of our systems engineering, talent and tracking models for effectiveness, vulnerabilities and gaps.
  • You will Identify ways in which we can reduce cost of delivery in IT and business leadership.
  • You will Identify ways to increase employee knowledge, capabilities and skills to support future growth.
  • Provide business architecture, systems processing and solution delivery processing guidelines.
  • Designing, building and scaling customer and application-specific solutions
  • Create and implement a business and technology vision and multi-year roadmap.
  • You will capitalize on the potential cost savings with SOA, software quality and reusability.
  • You will be required to talk in the language of technical developers and then switch to the language of business managers.
  • Finally, you must assist the company with staying on the cutting edge of enterprise technology while ensuring SOA’s are adhered and implemented safely and cost effectively as to not put us or the Client in harm’s way.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in technology related discipline, preferably Computer Science, Software Development or Management Information Systems (necessary to develop self-direction, writing ability, critical thinking, and foundations of programming and software delivery fundamentals) or commensurate experience.
  • Significant on-the-job business and technical experience will be considered.
  • Possess or has made progress towards receiving industry recognized certifications, such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), Certified Technical Architect (CTA), ITIL Master Certificate – IT Service Management, etc.
  • Cumulative 7+ years of experience in Architecture related technology positions such as Cloud Architect, Data Center Architect, Data Scientist, Application Architect, etc.
  • 5+ years’ experience of successful Virtualization, Converged Systems implementation, Software Defined Infrastructures, Converged Infrastructures, Cloud Technologies and implementation.
  • 5+ years’ developing, operating, maintaining and supporting a production business environment.
  • 3+ year’s management of technical/support personnel.
  • Experience contributing to or managing enterprise architecture initiatives.
  • Extensive experience with enterprise architecture best practices and goals
  • Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification required.
  • Excellent leadership and motivational skills.
  • MBA preferred but not required.

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