Why Choose TBC for IT Service Management in Phoenix & San Diego?

Managing Today’s IT Challenges

The challenges faced by IT organizations continue to explode while resources and budgets are finite and constrained.  The natural result of this is a greater overall risk profile.

TBConsulting (TBC) provides our clients in Phoenix and San Diego a means for addressing these challenges with a risk-focused approach and partnership delivering measurable business outcomes.

Risk-based Planning

Today’s IT organizations face a risk profile that must be actively managed. Some of the more notable areas of risk include:

Security: intrusion/attack (IPS/IDS), malware, IP/data theft, BYOD
“Fluid” business demands: over/under-provisioning of hardware, unclear requirements
Business continuity: loss of facilities, loss of data
Human capital: finding/retaining best people, addressing niche needs in timely manner

Risk based planning is more important than ever. Business needs have matured and IT downtime, “incidences” or missed objectives are no longer acceptable. Maybe more importantly, businesses continue to put pressure on IT organizations to deliver more with tighter budgets which requires that the spend deliver measurable outcomes.

TBC helps our clients in Phoenix & San Diego focus their efforts based on a risk based plan that can help align the risk profile, business requirements and available resources within a budget.


Resources are finite and optimizing their use is a key objective for TBC and their clients. TBC focuses on filling these gaps with solutions that provide a high yield when needed with no long term commitment:

Specialists: highly skilled personnel with specializing in networking, security, virtualization and software development
Capacity: PRIVATE Cloud infrastructure dedicated to each client compute/storage capacity matched to the demand (up & down)
Security: On-going monitoring, support and training to decrease the client’s overall risk exposure and potential liabilities
Monitoring: 24/7/365 monitoring by a dedicated team of knowledgeable resources able to identify, assess and remediate a broad range of infrastructure issues
Data Management: Tools to significantly offset the explosive data growth and increasing impact on hardware/personnel needed to manage this area

TBC helps our clients by deploying necessary resources on an as-needed, when-needed basis to manage through the natural IT demand cycles.


Budgets are by definition limited and TBC works with our clients to maximize the yield. This has entailed partnerships aimed at tying measurable outcomes to variable cost structures:

Operational Expense (OpEx): TBC allows clients to escape the arduous Capital Expenditure (CapEx) cycle in favor of predictable OpEx tied to measurable outcomes
Variable Costs: TBC delivers a model by which clients can consume what they need, when they need it, while enjoying a variable cost model that matches their natural business cycle
Capital Recovery: TBC works with clients to recover value from unused capacity as it relates to excess hardware and software
Reduced Licensing/Maintenance: TBC has relationships with most of the top tier vendors to optimize licensing and maintenance costs

TBC helps IT departments address the typical friction between the business and IT when demands outstrip resources by providing an approach at maximizing yield and delivering measurable outcomes.

TBC has the experience, knowledge, tools, and team to support your business now and as it grows.

When you are ready to discuss your needs, call one of our private cloud specialists at: (602) 396-5318