IT Solution Design Process

5 D Introduction & Overview

At Technical & Business Consulting, LLC (TBC), we often use our time-tested 5D methodology in our IT solution design process. Our methodology enables us to ensure that our clients in Phoenix and San Diego get exactly the technology solution they want and need.

Our 5D methodology is effectively a business model that enables us to listen to our clients’ needs, and then apply what they’ve told us to deliver results that meet, or even exceed their expectations. Though our methodology, we work together with our clients and apply original thinking, tools, services, and high-end technology to define, design, and develop the right course of action.

Our 5D methodology consists of five distinct steps: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Debrief.


While each step is important, it is critical to debrief after each deployment to assess the success as compared to the measurements defined in the discovery phase and gaps that may have been identified.  This step will allow for improvements on each successive cycle through the 5 D’s.

  • Measurement of outcome vs. plan
  • Documented Lessons Learned
  • Updated Prioritization of upcoming functions and features


Getting to know the business, stakeholders and the problem statement.  Understanding the goal, metrics and measurement of success.  Defining a high level roadmap, budget, team (including leadership) and rough outline of objectives in priority order.

  • Clearly defined objectives (measures)
  • Timeline with budgets
  • Defined leadership team
  • Key sign-off criteria


In this phase the solution is brought into production.  In some cases this means a soft launch or full launch into production.  This phase includes the full deployment effort including execution of pre-deployment checklists, training, deployment and monitoring.

  • Training Delivery
  • Data Conversion
  • Deployed Solution
  • Monitoring & Maintenance Plan


This is where the design is brought to life.  This step includes all of the detailed work required to meet the objectives outlined in the Discovery phase.  This phase also includes the detailed testing, required tools for deployment and the development of the training materials required to support the deployment step.

  • Solution per design
  • Test conditions and results
  • Training materials; Training and Communication Plan
  • On-going support materials
  • Deployment plan (timeline, checklists, etc.)


Defining the necessary detail required to develop a solution.  This will include both detailed design and the work plan to support the goals defined in discovery.  This will also include the design of approach to testing and training along with a risk mitigation plan (what are the risks, how are they highlighted and who will manage them). Lastly this step will outline the deployment approach and requirements.

  • Detailed project plans
  • Risk Identification and mitigation
  • Mock-ups / Flows / Prototypes
  • Detailed design required to develop solution

TBC has the experience, knowledge, tools, and team to support your business now and as it grows.

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